Port Douglas 19/7 – 26/7/2020

We headed up to Port Douglas for a week & always on the look out for a drink stumbled upon Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery. The Chocolate Fortified Liqueur didn’t last very long so we had to go back & buy lots more.

Always nice looking over the marina from the brewery.2020-07-23 15.09.44

A game of golf at the Mirage. Mostly forgettable for me, however, herself had 39 points & won the comp. Also caught up with one of the locals sunning herself next to the driving range.

Baylea came up to spend the weekend with us. The challenge with this young lady is to find something that she will eat. As always Poppy comes to the rescue.

Road trip to the Daintree with the first thing on the agenda a boat ride on the Daintree River crocodile spotting. Found a few other things as well. The 4.5m male was a bit bigger than the one we saw at the golf course. Lots of little ones as well.

Across the Daintree on the barge & then Ice Cream.

Followed by food on the beach.


The water park at the caravan park was a favourite.

Port Douglas markets with the rest of the clan followed by lunch at The Tin Shed

Cairns 12/7 – 18/7/2020

Found a little friend on the car.2020-07-06 13.09.23

Lunch on the boat. Great idea.

We headed up to Kuranda. We shouldn’t have been surprised but very few tourists & the majority of stalls closed. Ulrika was happy at lunch.

A couple of our favourite places are Birdworld & the Butterfly Sanctuary.

The kids came over after school for fish & chips in the caravan, Poppy slide show & a game of cards. Love the girls.2020-07-14 17.20.15

Visited Cairns Aquarium to help the local economy.

Followed by Lunch at Dundee’s.

There are lots of bike tracks along the creek at the back of the Caravan Park.

A night out with Todd & Cherie at the Brewery, Dundees & the Casino. I made my normal donation & left. One of us was enjoying the cocktails far too much.




Cairns 26/6 – 30/6/2020

Had a hit at Yorkeys Knob. Nice course with lots of Curlews, must have been having a conference.2020-06-26 12.11.312020-06-26 13.28.03_edited-1

Lake Tinaroo for the day with Todd, Cherie & the kids to check out the place in anticipation for a week up here in a few weeks.

Nice sunrise going up the Gillies Range.IMG_9377

Lunch at Dundee’s was pleasant.

We then headed off on the Savannalander & then Lake Tinaroo.

To Cairns 17/6/20 – 24/6/20

After spending the last few months locked away like everybody else it was enjoyable to hit the road again & head up to Cairns to catch up with the Kids & Grandkids.

We did the trip up in quick time spending a night at Calliope River, Proserpine & Tully. Tully lived up to its reputation as being the wettest town in Australia by raining most of the time we were there. Just had enough time to have a walk down the main street (not much happening) & check out the big boot & a couple of sugar locos.

We stayed at Cool Waters Caravan Park in Cairns. Stayed here last year & is a top spot. Creek running behind us with turtles & nice & shady. Bit quiet with no Victorians around.

Copperlode Dam is in the hills behind Cairns & is the main water supply that feeds the Crystal Cascades. The road up also gives a great view of the city.


The younger Grandkids came around to feed the turtles in the creek.



























Lake Tinaroo 7/7/20 – 11/7/20

We spent a few days at Lake Tinaroo with Todd, Cherie, Jess, Chloe, Michelle & a gaggle of their friends. The weather wasn’t kind with lots of wind, passing showers & it got decidely chilly at times. This wasn’t surprising for the locals but came as a shock to the visitors, especially those (Ulrika) that didn’t bring enough warm clothing.

Camp Macrae was set up looking over the lake.ClubMacrae

Pretty Sunset.IMG_9829

Getting pulled behind the boat was the go, usually early in the morning or late in the afternoon before the wind came up.

Whilst we were in the area we had a look at a couple of trees. This is the Cathederal Fig TreeIMG_9960_edited-1

And this one is the Curtan Fig TreeIMG_9942

Also had a chance to find some Waterfalls.

Malanda Falls.

Milla Milla Falls

And Ellinjaa Falls

There are also some crater lakes in the area. Second Breakfast at Lake Barrine Teahouse was very nice.2020-07-10 10.32.44

Just around the corner is the beautiful Lake Eacham.

2020-07-10 11.36.22

We also found the dam wall of Lake Tinaroo. They were letting a bit of water out at the time. The lake feeds all the irrigation canals on the Atherton Tablelands.

Gallo Cheesery & Chocalatte followed by Shaylee Strawberries ensured we didn’t go hungry.

Found a couple of old churches at Yungaburra.

Last night dinner at Yungaburra Pub.2020-07-10 17.25.44

Did I mention it was cold!2020-07-08 18.07.52

Here is Todd (who is a mechanic) with his favourite tool 🙂IMG_9867

Savannahlander 1/7/20 – 4/7/20

We left Cairns station @ 6.30am & headed up the Kuranda Range.IMG_9410 After a quick stop at Barron Falls we arrived at Kuranda Station for a pit stop.

Mutchabilla for morning tea & a short stop at Dimbulah Station before proceeding to Almaden & the Railway Hotel for a beer & a very ordinary lunch.

We arrived at Chillagoe & had a look around. Who’d have thought that there are over 18 marble quarries in the region. Had a look at the old smelting works site dating back to 1902 (lead, copper, zinc). It closed in 1948 not making a profit in any year of its production.

Off to Chillagoe caves for the tour & then a great meal at Chillagoe Cabins which also was our accommodation for the night.

Also got to meet Dave the Plesiosaur whose bones were found in the area. He doesnt look too bad for being 110 Milliion years old

A little about the railine & the train. The line was built in stages by the Chillagoe Railway & Mining Company beginning in 1898 & finally finishing at Forsayth in 1911. It was origanally planned to be extended to Croydon to join up with the line to Normanton (Gulflander). WW1 & cost blow outs stopped this. The QLD Govt took over the line in 1919.  Six B15 class locos were origanally used on the line. After the mines finished the line was used mainly for cattle trains & sugar up until 1980. Because of the small rails used (22kg) & the condition of the track a small diesel engine (DL Class) was developed for the line on the 1930’s. These were some of the first diesel locos in Australia. The line is now only used for the Savannahlander.

The Savannahlander uses a number of Railmotors. The one we were on was 2028. It was built in 1963 at Ipswich Railway Workshops & were predominatly used in the Brisbane suburbs up until the early 1990’s. Externally it is still the same but has had new engines installed & has been changed internally.

Back on the train the next day for morning tea at Bullock Creek. As you can see there is very little to see 🙂

Arrive at Einasleigh for a beer at the pub which has owners who had only been there for a day. IMG_9573

Straight accross the road is the Copperfield Gorge.

Then onto the end of the line at Forsayth. The next day back to Einasleigh & then Mt Surprise for a visit to Undara National Park & the Lava Tubes which were spectacular.

Stayed @ Bedrock Village in Mt Surprise for the night & then the last day back to Cairns.panorama

Lots of things to see along the track

Overall a good trip helping some struggling businesses because of COVID.  We acknowledge that these businesses are struggling with the current COVID restrictions and loss of staff, however a couple of places could have been a little friendlier.

Met a couple of nice people. Hope to see you again Chooky & Elke.


Day 817 – 821 6/8 – 10/8 Hervey Bay/Rainbow Beach/Bribie Island

Just out of Childers is Snakes Downunder so of course we had to call in to have a look. As well as snakes they have Meerkats.

Lots of lizards.

And snakes in the show. She asked what you should do when you see a snake in the backyard. I said “hit it with a spade”. No sense of humour.

Ulrika got to hold her slytherinIMG_8810

And even more slytherins.

They even had some boring animals.

Urangan Pier & a few of its inhabitants. The pier opened in 1917 to export sugar, coal & timber. The last ship docked in 1985 & since then it has been used for recreation.

Found a new mode of transport to the golf club.IMG_4394_edited-1

Rainbow Beach on a foggy morning. We had to get on the beach early due to the tides. By the time we came back it had mostly cleared.IMG_8948

Double Island Point Lighthouse was built in 1883. The Lightkeepers cottages were built in 1933.

The reason it is called Rainbow Beach.



Freshwater Lake.