Gympie/Tin Can Bay/Bribie Island 31/8/ – 5/9/20

Staying at Standown Park half way between Gympie & Tin Can Bay. It must be Strawberry season as we seem to be eating a lot of them.

Lots of walks in the pine forests.

Found Australias biggest cactus.2020-09-02 14.35.07

Also found a big tree at the Timber Museum. This Kauri Pine was 619 years old when it was cut down.2020-09-02 13.37.17

A trip on the Mary River Rattler was fun. Plenty to eat & drink.

A quick day or two a Bribie Island to have a game of golf & catch up with Kim & Gwen.

And finally home in time for Fathers Day. 118767709_262175164764392_2521952904501332589_n_edited-1


Lake Monduran 28/8 – 30/8/20

Lake Monduran is about 20km north of Gin Gin & irrigates The Bundaberg region.

The sunset from the dam wall was special.IMG_1303.JPG

So it is stocked with Barra & all sorts of record fish are pulled out of it. We thought we would join in the fun.

As always my fishing skills were not up to the task so this is how I ended.


The Boolboonda Tunnel was built in 1883 as part of the Bundaberg – Mt Perry railway line. It is 192m long & is the longest unsupported man-made tunnel in Queensland.

Tinaberries for a strawberry ice cream direct from the farm.

Yes I know its boring but it is a tradition that we visit here if we are in the vicinity.IMG_4389

Found these at Bundaberg Sugar Mill.








Emu Park 25/8/ – 27/8/20

Emu Park south of Yeppoon for a couple of nights. Looks over Great Keppel & has the singing ship built in commemoration of Captain Cook who discovered the place.

2020-08-25 11.16.44

Went up to Rocky to have a look at Archer Park Rail Museum. Built in 1889 it has been beautifully restored. A couple of locos inside. Ulrika enjoyed using the thunder box.

There most famous exhibit is the Purrey Steam Tram. Built in Bordeaux, France in 1909 it was used on Rockys tram system up until 1939. Great restoration.IMG_1207

Found this on the road into Rocky. It was the Lakes Creek Hotel & was originally built in 1895. It is currently closed. Great old Gothic building that is heritage listed.IMG_1202

A few other building that caught our attention.

This is St Christopher’s Chapel at Nerimbera. It was built & used in 1943 by the US Army that were camped in the area in WW2.IMG_1227

Found a golf course I had never heard of before. Unfortunately it closed in 2013 after opening in 2007. This makes three in the area that are closed as the two Iwasaki courses are shut as well.

Drive to Byfield &  Nob Creek Pottery. Last time we were here was in the late 1990’s when I bought my Warlock & Witch that still hold pride of place in the unit. Unfortunately we found out today the artist who produced them is no longer with us.

Lunch at Byfield Cafe & you may notice it was raining.2020-08-27 12.23.10

Sunset from the top of the hill behind Emu Park & the puppy that was just hanging around.2020-08-27 17.30.31





Haliday Bay/Mackay 16/8 – 21/8/2020

Haliday Bay is 80km north of Mackay & is a great spot. On a beach with a little 9 hole golf course.

The sunrises are special, especially when you get a waning crescent moon in the shot.

2020-08-17 06.06.49

Just around the corner is Cape Hillsborough National Park whose one claim to fame is the wallabies that come out every morning onto the beach. It has become somewhat of a tourist attraction.

Day trip to Eungella National Park (about 80km inland from Mackay). First stop Teemburra Creek Dam.2020-08-19 10.38.56

Then to Araluen Cascades.

Lunch at Eungella Chalet with a wonderful view down the valley.2020-08-19 12.59.11

And finally this little fella in Broken River.IMG_1199_edited-1

Next stop on the road trip was Blacks Beach in Mackay’s Northern Beaches. Good to catch up with Kerry & Alan.

While we were having dinner this little fella came to visit.


Bowen 13/8 – 15/8/2020

Left Townsville & spent a night at Home Hill Showgrounds. They burnt a cane field just behind us with these stunning results. The Burdekin is the only area that still burns cane, all other areas cut green.


Also did a bit of a pub crawl. Only 3 pubs so didn’t take long

Next stop down the road was one of our favourites. The view from our caravan at Bowen is gorgeous, doesn’t matter if it is sunrise or sunset.

A quick tipple at the Yacht Club.2020-08-14 14.51.13

Townsville 7/8 – 12/8/2020

Townsville for a week & the view from Castle Hill.

2020-08-07 15.04.32

View out to Magnetic Island from the bar.

Magnetic Island for a couple of days, never been before so it was all new.

Lots of small beaches. First one we came to was Horseshoe Bay. It is well protected so lots of boats anchored.2020-08-09 10.11.12

Found a SUP big enough so Ulrika will not fall off.IMG_0744

Picnic Bay is the closest to Townsville & is where the jet skis anchor.

Alma Bay.2020-08-09 12.44.48

Did I mention that we hired a Mini Convertible. Good fun, not allowed to but one  🙁2020-08-09 12.51.11

Lots of walks. This is called Gabul Way.2020-08-09 14.29.35

The most well known walk is the Forts walk. It takes you up to a duo of guns & their support installations that were installed in 1942.

The bonus on this track is that you get to see these little guys.

Sunset at Horseshoe Bay.HorseshoeBAy

Back in Townsville a drive up to Mt. Stuart & the stunning view of Townsville.2020-08-11 13.47.03

Ross River Dam supplies most of the water to Townsville. Lots of wildlife around including the Allied Rock Wallabies that live in the rocks of the dam wall.2020-08-11 14.41.21


Lucinda 3/8 – 6/8/2020

Headed down the road to Lucinda where we spent a few nights. We shared the site with old mate.IMG_0384_edited-1

You may remember from last years post Lucinda has a 5.76km jetty that loads bulk sugar mainly for the Malaysian & Canadian markets.2020-08-03 14.51.38

Lots of cane trains around, found an oldie in retirement. Built in Leeds, England in 1914 it worked the Homebush Mill near Mackay & then the Victoria Mill before retiring in 1974.IMG_0433

In our never ending quest to discover waterfalls we headed up into the hills to have a look at Wallaman Falls. It is Australia’s highest permanent single drop waterfall at 268m. Ulrika even found a cow to play with.

Next stop a day trip to Hinchinbrook Island & a walk into Zoe Falls. Great, unspoiled spot that we both enjoyed. The hike up the hill to the top of the falls is a challenge (lucky we are both super fit 🙂 ).


A nice walk around the Tyto Wetlands at Ingham.


Mission Beach 29/7 – 2/8/2020

First night at caravan park old mate wanders through.IMG_0321

Sunrise over Dunk Island.2020-07-30 06.20.202020-07-30 06.48.19

Great day out at Charley’s Chocolate. We learnt a lot about growing cocoa & chocolate production. Who would have thought that cocoa has only been grown in Australia for the last 15 years (70% of world production is grown in Western Africa). It is only grown in a small area between Mossman & Tully due to the climatic conditions required by the cocoa tree. It is a fruit so therefore chocolate (over 70% cocoa) is healthy & is allegedly  an aphrodisiac. Australia is the 7th highest consumer of chocolate in the world (Switzerland being the highest). It also tastes pretty good.

Kennedy Bay walking track from South Mission Beach. A rare Beach Stone Curlew.

Dinner at the Surf Club & a walk home.

Another Cassowary at Kennedy Bay.


Paronella Park 27/7 – 28/7/2020

Reluctantly, we left Port Douglas & headed to Paronella Park to catch up with Kim & Gwen. We were here last year but it was so good we couldn’t help but go back. So many photos, lots of laughs over dinner & a drink or two.

Did you know that the highest mountain in QLD is Mount Bartle Frere & is 1611m high. MtBartleFrere

At the base is Josephine Falls, one of the prettier falls we have come across. Can be dangerous to swim in, 5 deaths since 2007.

Around the corner is another pretty swimming spot called Golden Hole.

So we saw our first wild Cassowary & the bonus was it had two chicks with it. We were heading to Coquette Point & they appeared on the side of the road.

The view from Coquette Point back to Innisfail & Mt Bartle Frere.CoquettePointView