Bay of Fires 21/3/22-28/3/22

After a quick look around we decided to camp at Cosy Corner North. It is the most Northerly camp along this stretch & is well protected from wind. This wasn’t a problem as the wind was light for the majority of the time. The weather was actually wonderful for the whole week, mostly sunny & very little wind.

The whole area is full of free camps, most of them with toilets. You need to go to St Helens to fill up with water, empty toilet cassete & drop off rubbish.

These are some views of our beach.

The Gardens is a few Kilometres up the road. It has some of the best examples of coloured rocks.

Here are some more from around the area.

Oysters & Lobster were on the menu. $12/dozen for unshucked straight off rack. No photo of lobster but got it straight from this boat.

A couple of nice lunches at restaurants with great views.

Sitting around the fire at night was a popular pastime

Ulrika must have her coffee in the morning.

A few animals came to visit

Sunrise on the beach

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