Boat Harbour/Black River/Stanley 27/2/22 – 2/3/22

After leaving the farm we headed up the road to Boat Harbour Caravan Park. It has a great view from high on the hill.

Drive up to Table Cape gave nice view back to Boat Harbour.

Went for a walk to Table Cape Lighthouse. Unfortunatly the tulip fields were empty as they are picked in early Spring. We even missed the poppies this year as we were told they picked them 2 weeks earlier than normal.

We saw a herd of deer on the way.

Found a new distillery on the way, they have only been open 4 weeks. Could not afford the Whiskey @ $295/bottle so went for a bottle of gin instead.

We then headed out to The Lobster Ponds. The fresh water lobsters are on the endangered list & can grow up to 1 metre in length & live to 60 years. We also got to feed the trout.

A drive up to Rocky Cape Lighthouse always gives a view of the coastline.

Dip Falls was next on our list. The tasselated rock is quite the feature as well as the many steps to get to the bottom.

Just around the corner is the big tree. Photos don’t do it justice, it is big.

We moved 50km up the road for a few nights free camping at Black River. Great beach with no one on it & a view to the Nut. We got a good sunset as well.

We snuck into Stanley for a wee lunch date.

A quick trip into Smithton to check out the oysters. Has been a tad windy.

So we visited Stanley again today & went to the same restaurant, this time herself had the Crayfish followed up by more oysters for dinner. Who’s the spoilt girl?

It was a bit rough on the water today due to the 20 knot winds. The view to the nut is always spectacular.

The old houses are well looked after, most of them date from 1840 -1880.

The little house & friend at Black River.

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  1. You lucky pair. Beautiful views, beautiful properties and the most delicious seafood meals. Keep enjoying yourselves and take care. Barbara and Derek

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