Bothwell/Deloraine/Penguin 22/1/22 – 25/2/22

We took a couple of days to get to Penguin, stayed at Bothwell & then Deloraine so we could go past the Great Lake, always a good drive & great view.

Some wonderful old buildings in Bothwell & Kempton.

The view over the Great Lake is always spectacular.

Deloraine was nice. Ulrika found a pair of boots she can us when she hasn’t got her broom. The train line runs right next to the caravan park, fortunatly there is only a couple every day.

So we have spent the last 4 weeks on a housesit at Penguin. Its a 50 acre property 5 minutes away from Penguin. It was a cattle farm which is now a hobby farm. Their is only around 6 acres usable as the rest is either steep bush or plantation woodchip trees that are uneconomic to cut. Ulrika especially enjoyed the great kitchen.

We enjoyed our time with the animals.

The alpacas were due for their shearing when we were there, it looks cruel to tie them done but it is safer for them & the shearer.

Lots of pretties around the house.

We collected some food as well

Some other bits & pieces

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