Gold Coast to Hobart

11/12/2021 – 22/12/2021

Well we finally made it to Tassie. Like most of us, travel plans are in disarray. The original plan was to spend most of Oct travelling to Melbourne & get into Tassie early Nov. In the end we high tailed it to Melbourne over a couple of nights trying to avoid the Rona.

We stayed the first night at Raymond Terrace & the next night at a free camp at Tarcutta. Ulrika got her first cherries of the season from a road side stall next to the pub. We then had to spend 3 nights in a caravan park in Melbourne whilst awaiting our Rona test results (required by Tassie to get in). In the end we got the results within 12 hours so we spent a couple of nights in Melbourne too many. We didn’t waste our time in Melbourne, our wedding anniversery was on the 15th so we had a game of golf at Medway Golf Club. It was just around the corner from the caravan park & was a pleasant members course to have a hit on. Ulrika had 36 points & beat me by a point. We also caught up with Lance & Carmal for lunch at the Anglers Tavern & as always with great life long friends it was like we’d only seen each other last week.

It was the first time we had booked a day sail (due to availability) & we were a bit apprehensive of what to expect (on the night sail we usually sleep most of it). In the end Bass Straight was like a lake. Got on board @ 7.30am, had breakfast, wandered around & read for a while. I had a snooze & then lunch. By this time the bar had opened & the cricket had started, perfect. Ulrika went for a snooze & all of sudden we were in Devonport @ 7.30pm. We have been at Mersey Bluff Caravan Park for the last 3 nights. Great spot looking over the beach & Surf Club.

Have been doing the Devonport tourist spots. Has been a bit sad in some spots with the deaths of the kids on the jumping castle. Small town so most people know someone impacted.

These guys wer camped next to us at caravan park raising money for shave with cure. Nice people

Anvers chocolate is always a good spot to start any tour. Interesting history on the house that was built in 1850.

The big Platypus & Sherwood Hall (c. 1850) is always good for a look.

Spreyron Cidery for a paddle of cider.

A walk up to Mersey Bluff Lighthouse.

A walk of 200m & great dinner at Mrs Jones Restaurant. Food was brilliant on a full moon Saturday night.

Ashgrove Cheesery to pick up some supplies. The weather has been brilliant up until today, got a tad windy & wet.

Had to delay our trip to Don River Railway due to the rain. It was worth it as Ulrika got to chat up Santa & I got to meet my mate the Grinch. Also got to meet Thomas.

Heading to Hobart stopped for a couple of nights at Campbell Town free camp. Nice spot by the creek & the Red Bridge c. 1838. Lots of bunnies around.

Campbell Town has its share of old building, most of them date to to the 1840’s when it was the major sheep town & stage coach stop.

Went down the road to Ross, always a good stop with lots of old building. We reliased why the main street is called Church St. There are four churches in it & one just off it. There must have been a lot of sinners when the town was busy.

Ulrika had her first scallop pie of the trip followed by Mixed Berry ice cream.

Ross also has an old bridge that dates to 1836.

Today we wandered up to Lake Leake. It about 30km east of Campbell Town & is a trout fishing village. It has an Inn where Ulrika enjoyed the Venison sausages.

Up a few logging tracks & 10km from the Lake is Meetus Falls. You can see the Freycinet Peninsula on the East Coast on the last photo.

Lost Falls is just up a few more logging tracks. It only really falls after snow melt & lots of rain.

So its off to Hobart tomorrow to see what adventures await us.

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  1. Lovely to get the first part of your trip. So glad you are having a wonderful time. Please keep the photos coming – makes us feel that we are there too! Very best wishes for a happy Christmas. Take care and much love, Barbara and Derek

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