Townsville 7/8 – 12/8/2020

Townsville for a week & the view from Castle Hill.

2020-08-07 15.04.32

View out to Magnetic Island from the bar.

Magnetic Island for a couple of days, never been before so it was all new.

Lots of small beaches. First one we came to was Horseshoe Bay. It is well protected so lots of boats anchored.2020-08-09 10.11.12

Found a SUP big enough so Ulrika will not fall off.IMG_0744

Picnic Bay is the closest to Townsville & is where the jet skis anchor.

Alma Bay.2020-08-09 12.44.48

Did I mention that we hired a Mini Convertible. Good fun, not allowed to but one  🙁2020-08-09 12.51.11

Lots of walks. This is called Gabul Way.2020-08-09 14.29.35

The most well known walk is the Forts walk. It takes you up to a duo of guns & their support installations that were installed in 1942.

The bonus on this track is that you get to see these little guys.

Sunset at Horseshoe Bay.HorseshoeBAy

Back in Townsville a drive up to Mt. Stuart & the stunning view of Townsville.2020-08-11 13.47.03

Ross River Dam supplies most of the water to Townsville. Lots of wildlife around including the Allied Rock Wallabies that live in the rocks of the dam wall.2020-08-11 14.41.21


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