Mission Beach 29/7 – 2/8/2020

First night at caravan park old mate wanders through.IMG_0321

Sunrise over Dunk Island.2020-07-30 06.20.202020-07-30 06.48.19

Great day out at Charley’s Chocolate. We learnt a lot about growing cocoa & chocolate production. Who would have thought that cocoa has only been grown in Australia for the last 15 years (70% of world production is grown in Western Africa). It is only grown in a small area between Mossman & Tully due to the climatic conditions required by the cocoa tree. It is a fruit so therefore chocolate (over 70% cocoa) is healthy & is allegedly  an aphrodisiac. Australia is the 7th highest consumer of chocolate in the world (Switzerland being the highest). It also tastes pretty good.

Kennedy Bay walking track from South Mission Beach. A rare Beach Stone Curlew.

Dinner at the Surf Club & a walk home.

Another Cassowary at Kennedy Bay.


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