Lake Tinaroo 7/7/20 – 11/7/20

We spent a few days at Lake Tinaroo with Todd, Cherie, Jess, Chloe, Michelle & a gaggle of their friends. The weather wasn’t kind with lots of wind, passing showers & it got decidely chilly at times. This wasn’t surprising for the locals but came as a shock to the visitors, especially those (Ulrika) that didn’t bring enough warm clothing.

Camp Macrae was set up looking over the lake.ClubMacrae

Pretty Sunset.IMG_9829

Getting pulled behind the boat was the go, usually early in the morning or late in the afternoon before the wind came up.

Whilst we were in the area we had a look at a couple of trees. This is the Cathederal Fig TreeIMG_9960_edited-1

And this one is the Curtan Fig TreeIMG_9942

Also had a chance to find some Waterfalls.

Malanda Falls.

Milla Milla Falls

And Ellinjaa Falls

There are also some crater lakes in the area. Second Breakfast at Lake Barrine Teahouse was very nice.2020-07-10 10.32.44

Just around the corner is the beautiful Lake Eacham.

2020-07-10 11.36.22

We also found the dam wall of Lake Tinaroo. They were letting a bit of water out at the time. The lake feeds all the irrigation canals on the Atherton Tablelands.

Gallo Cheesery & Chocalatte followed by Shaylee Strawberries ensured we didn’t go hungry.

Found a couple of old churches at Yungaburra.

Last night dinner at Yungaburra Pub.2020-07-10 17.25.44

Did I mention it was cold!2020-07-08 18.07.52

Here is Todd (who is a mechanic) with his favourite tool 🙂IMG_9867

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