Day 810 – 816 30/7 – 5/8 Cape Palmerston/1770/Elliot Head

We spent a couple of days exploring Cape Palmerston National Park. Very laid back & relaxing with wonderful vistas. It is 100km south of Mackay. Found some great spots for future camping trips.


On the Beachfront at 1770. Big tides this week, but not many fish according to the locals.IMG_8346

View from Bustard Bay Lookout.BustardHead


Chinamans Beach on a windy day.

If there is a Distillary around we will sniff it out. This time fruit liquors.

Lunch was ordinary.IMG_4387

Captain Cook was here on the 24th May 1770.IMG_8444

Sunset over the Bay.IMG_8393


A day out on the LARC (Light Amphibious Resupply Cargo) to Cape Bustard Lighthouse. The LARC was built in the USA & was used in the Vietnam war to resupply troops. Australia also used them for a number of years. The “Sir Joseph Banks” we were on was built in 1966.IMG_8450

Bustard Head Lighthouse is about 25km north of 1770. It was built in 1868 as prefabricated sections that were made in England. The lighthouse Keepers Cottages were built in 1933 & are now a museum & Caretakers cottage.


There are nine graves in the Cemetery from the Lightkeepers families.. The earliest is 1879 & was only 7 weeks old.

I was up for Sandboarding, someone else piked it 🙂

Some other interesting pics of the trip.

Animals on the way round.

When in the area its hard to go past this place. I’m old enough to remember when the visitor centre was based out of this house.

Bundaberg Botanical Gardens & the Australian Sugar Cane Railway. A group of volunteers preserving the Sugar Locos of the area.

These were stored in the shed.

The Gardens themselves was a pleasant wander.

The old Burnett Head Lighthouse was built of timber in 1873. It was replaced in 1971 & removed to its current location. The more modern top was removed & plinthed in a park. The new lighthouse is not quite as easy on the eye.

Quote of the Day

“Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”

James Cook



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