Day 787 – 793 7/7- 13/7 Cairns

It’s funny that QLD is supposed to be sunny one day, perfect the next. Well not in Cairns, we have had the worst weather for the whole trip. Lots of rain, it did get better as the week went on.

HMAS Canberra was in town before heading down to Rockhampton for exercises.HMASCanberra

View of Cairns from the road up to Copperlode Dam.CairnsSkyline

Crystal Cascades was the original source of fresh water for Cairns. Now it is a swimming hole & picnic area.


A small selection of tanks at the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum. The collection is huge & you could spend hours wandering around.


Being a child I had to go for a ride in the APC. They wouldn’t let me drive it 🙁



Surprise Creek Waterfalls is part of the Barron Falls Hydro System.


Lake Placid is downstream of the Waterfall.LakePlacid

Kuranda & the Railway.


Up the Skyrail with some of the grandkids.


Barron Falls, dry season so not much water.


The view of Cairns from Wrights Lookout.IMG_6959

At Kuranda is Birdworld.

Not far away is the Butterfly Sanctuary.

A couple of Sugar locos around the place.

Lots of family time with the kids & grandkids.




CDKL5 support for Ricky from all of the family.


Sunset over the mountains.66377280_444906136090633_8854780374463545344_n

Quote of the Day

“The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy.”

Sam Levenson


IMG_1435_LI (5)

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