Day 773 – 775 23/6 – 25/6 Ayers Rock/Olgas/Kings Canyon

After a long drive from Coober Pedy we stayed at Ayers Rock Caravan Park. Lots of people around as it’s the start of school holidays. There were nearly as many flies as kids, very unseasonal according to the locals (the flies that is).

Did the 10km walk around the base early in the morning to escape said flies.


Couldn’t climb it because of the winds

Dinner under the stars & the Field of Light was a highlight of our stay. There are 300,000 individual components & over 380km of optical cable in the artwork. It took over 5900 hours to design, build & install. The food, wine & company (& service) was excellent.0X0A1476-1400x500

Sunrise at 7.30am was a cold zero.


Sunset was stunning & at 6pm it was a much nicer 18 degrees.panorama9

The Olgas viewed from Ayers Rock & up a bit closer.




The Uluru Camel Farm is the largest in Australia with over 60 camels.

Mount Conner is on the way into Ayers Rock. It is on the 1 million acres Curtin Springs Station so access is limited. In my view it is just as spectacular as Ayers Rock. Something to see up closer next time we are in the area.panorama10_edited-2

Drove 300km & did the 6km Kings Canyon Rim walk. Wonderful place to visit & a good time of the year. Not sure how you could do it in summer. The first climb was a little confronting for Ulrika.


Quote of the Day

“Great Southern Land, in the sleeping sun
you walk alone with the ghost of time
they burned you black, black against the ground
and they make it work with rocks and sand”

Iva Davies


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