Day 768 – 772 18/6 – 22/6 Clare Valley/Coober Pedy

On the way up north we took the opportunity to spend a couple of nights in the Clare Valley. Of course this area is best known for its Reisling so we partook of the local hospitality. Really need a week to do it justice. The caravan is overflowing with vino.

Found a wine which is right up my alley.IMG_3700

The Mintaro hamlet was established in 1849 as a stopover for bullock wagons carrying copper ore from Burra to the gulf. It also has a slate quarry that has been operating since 1856. Some great old buidings.

Sevenhill is a Jesuit enclave that was first started in 1848 by two immigrant Fathers from Prussia. A church & college followed. The college closed in 1886 & is now a retreat. The winery was developed around the church.

Another first for me. They make all the sacremental wine for all Catholic churches in Australia. Not a bad drop & I wasn’t struck by a bolt of lightning 🙂IMG_3701

There are also some great old buildings in Clare itself.

Has been a bit chilly.


Quick stop at Glendambo Roadhouse. Good food, huge fireplace & live music – what more could you ask for.

Lake Hart in the middle of the Great Australian F**k all.IMG_3702_edited-1

And another view just down the road.IMG_3710

Coober Pedy (original for “boys waterhole) is a different sort of place. There are hills of dirt everywhere from opal mining & most live underground to get away from the heat in summer. Opals were first discovered in 1915 & Coober Pedy supplies the majority of  the opals the world demands.

Underground Churches? Yep

Each one of these mounds is a small mine. They go on for miles.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0480.JPGDCIM100MEDIADJI_0479.JPG

The Breakaways is a series of enscarpments, hills & plains just north of Coober Pedy. The colours are spectacular.


The Dingo Fence (or dog fence) was built in the 1880’s to keep dingoes out of the South East parts of the country and protect the sheep flocks. It runs for 5614km & is the longest fence in the world.IMG_4731

The Opal Festival was on this weekend so we watched the locals on parade.

A night at the Drive In watching Aladdin with warning on screen to the miners.

Quote of the Day

“The hues of the opal, the light of the diamond, are not to be seen if the eye is too near.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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