Day 744 – 746 25/5 – 27/5 Portland/Robe/Narrung

Continuing our drive to Adelaide we stopped at Portland.

This is Whalers Bluff Lighthouse. It was originally erected in 1859 on Battery Point. It was moved stone by stone to its current position in 1889 to make way for gun emplacements. It guides ships past the treacherous Whalers Reed in Portland Harbour.IMG_4126_edited-1

This is the tourist tram that runs around Portland. Not a lot travelling today, a bit cold & rainy.

Amazing what you see from the tram. A Koala sleeping in a tree, an 1858 cottage hiding in the Botanical Gardens, a seal taking over the marina, a truck being launched into orbit, a girls college built in 1885 & a Watertower that has been turned into a War Memorial.

Only a 13km out of Portland is Cape Nelson Lighthouse. It was built in 1884. In 1885 it was equipped with a telescope to look for the Russian Navy. The lighthouse keepers cottages can be rented & have been restored immaculately.IMG_4173


The view looking back to Portland & the Aluminium Smelter & out to Lawrence Rocks.

Portland is the oldest town in Victoria being settled one year before Melbourne in 1834 so there are a few old buildings around.

Headed to Robe today & stopped in a few spots. Crossed the border at a new place.IMG_3561

First stop was Cape Northumberland Lighthouse overlooking Port MacDonnell. The original lighthouse was built in 1858 but because of its exposed position it was closed & the existing lighthouse was built 40 metres away in 1882.IMG_4189_edited-1


A couple of interesting buildings. The Water Tower was built in 1943 originally to store alcohol in case of fuel shortage in WW2. After the war is was used for water storage.

Cape Banks Lighthouse at Carpenter Rocks was built in 1883. Lots of wrecks along this coast.IMG_4218


We stopped at Millicent Museum & we were blown away by their collection of horse-drawn carriages, clothes & machinery.

They even had a train for me to drive.

Cape Martin lighthouse near Beachport was built in 1960 & replaced the Lighthouse that was built on Penguin Island in 1878. The ruins can still be seen on Penguin Island.IMG_4290


Bit rough down on the beach.

Lunch at the Beachport Hotel & across the road the smallest Custom Office we have seen so far.

Finally got to Robe & it was windy & very wet. In between showers got Robe Lighthouse. The star-shaped lighthouse was built in 1972 to replace Cape Jaffa Lighthouse.IMG_4305IMG_4307_edited-1

The Robe Obelisk at Cape Dombey was built in 1852 to help ships navigate the entrance into Guichen Bay.IMG_4326

Robe is an interesting town, lots of history. Dating to 1847 it was South Australia’s second busiest port. Today it is a fishing village with many old buildings.

At Kingston the Cape Jervis Lighthouse is on display. In 1872 it was originally positioned on Margaret Brock Reef (8km out to see) off Cape Jaffa. It was a “Wells Screw Pile” and was selected for this location because the narrow wrought iron piles offered the most resistance to the heavy seas that break across the reef. In 1973 it was replaced by the Robe Lighthouse & dismantled & moved to Kingston and is now a museum.IMG_4340_edited-1

Taylorpic (1)

Port Malcom Lighthouse at Narrung is Australia’s only inland Lighthouse. It was built in 1878 to assist ships that were passing through Lake Alexandrina on their way to Lake Albert or the ports on the Murray River. The lighthouse was turned off in September 1931, due to a decline in river trafficIMG_4358_edited-1

Sunrise at Narrung where we free camped for the night. IMG_4374

This is the church at Raukkan which was built as a mission church in 1869. It appears on the $50 note. Also on the note is David Unaipon who was born at the mission.

Raukkan Mission – Raukkan Built 1869


Some other old buildings we saw on the drive.

We are now at Normanville house sitting for Deb & Ron again for the next 4 weeks. Then off to Ayres Rock/Alice Springs, etc

Quote of the Day

“What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.”

Bob Dylan


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