Day 697 – 739 8/4 – 20/5 Railton

Ulrika spent a week in Brisbane with the kids. Tristan survived his schnozalectomy. I enjoyed my own company.

The animals were happy to see her back.


Day trips are the go at the moment.

This is Villarett Gardens. 10 acres of wonderful autumn colour.

Ulrika shaking hands with Cousin It.IMG_3617

Lunch at the Tasmania Food & Wine Conservatory.

Followed by a chocolate dessert.IMG_3445

Found this trout & platypus in the creek running through Railton. The creek runs into the Mersey River.

Spent a day at Cradle Mountain & walked the 6km around Dove Lake.


Seven Sheds Brewery is only 400 metres around the corner from the house at Railton. Their Kentish Ale is the best.

Us & 35,000 other at Agfest @ Corrina. Lots of tractors, animals & cousins in attendance.

No Sunset over water at Railton so this one over the hills.IMG_3674

A number of old churches around.

We found a mushroom known as Amanita muscaria growing in the front yard. It is not indigenous to Australia. It was unintentionally introduced & is symbiont with pine and birch plantations.

Then we found these at the Arboretum. Lots of pixies living under them as well

The Tasmanian Arboretum just south of Devonport is spread over 35ha. It has trees from all continents of the world. On a beautiful autumn day it was showing off its colours.

Found this little fellow swimming in their dam at midday.IMG_3756

Spreyton Cidery has the best Ginger Beer. You need to be careful it is alchoholic, it does give Bundy an extra kick 🙂

Axemans Hall of Fame at Latrobe & the big Platypus

A nice walk after lunch around Pig Island at Latrobe.

One of the enjoyable parts of house sittings is doing things that you would not normally do. Feeding Buddy is one of those things we have enjoyed. Every afternoon we walk down to the hayshed & every afternoon Koda & Cooper get excited as they go for a run in the paddock. There are rabbits living under the hay shed & the dogs could spend hours (if you let them) trying to find them.

Another day another cidery. The pick at this one was the Gin & Dry Ginger Ale.

A day spent at Deloraine checking out the pubs and walking along the Meander River.

As you walk down the street there are mini sculptures on plinths that depict the locals.

Our new cutting board made locally from Huon Pine.IMG_3477

It is Trout spawning time so we went to Liawenee on the Great Lake for the trout weekend. They take about 1 million eggs every year. They catch the brown trout in traps on the creek, they then strip the eggs from the females, they then milk the males into the eggs. Add water & the eggs are fertilised. They hatch is 6 weeks & are then put back in the dams & creeks as fingerlings. Great autumn day.IMG_3484

Cooking demonstration – smoked trout risotto.

After 6 months in Tassie we are heading back to the mainland. We have covered most of Tassie in the time we have had. We have left a few spots for a next visit!

We have enjoyed great weather, enjoyed the food & drink & met some nice people. There is such great natural beauty in Tasmania you will never get bored with it. The only sad thing about leaving is that we leave Billy at Penguin.  We have travelled ~11,500 kms in Tassie.

Thank you to Gillian & Cocky for loaning us their house for 7 weeks. It is a beautiful place & central spot to explore from. Buddy, Koda & Copper were a delight to look after.Screenshot (6)

The lights of Devonport as we depart.

When we disembark the Spirit of Tasmania in Melbourne we are off down the Great Ocean Road to Normanville (south of Adelaide) for a house sit for a month & then up the middle to Alice Springs.

Quote of the Day

“There is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.”

Tennessee Williams

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