Day 671 – 673 13/3 – 15/3 Bothwell

Next stop is 100km south via the Highland Lakes to Bothwell. It is situated on the Clyde River (named after Bothwell on the Clyde in Scotland) & was settled in 1824. There are some wonderful old buildings in town.

The Nant Distilling Company is just out of town. It produces Single Malt Whisky from an estate that dates back to 1821. The waterwheel is still in use, the product isn’t bad at all.

Today we visited Waddamana Power Station Museum. It is a credit to Hydro Tassie that they have kept this power station as a museum as it is a time capsule into the past. The “A” power station was commissioned in 1916 & closed in 1964. The “B” power station was built in 1939 & closed in 1995. The water was supplied by damming the Great Lake at Miena & building canals to Waddamana. The construction was difficult because of the snow & ice in winter.

This is Penstock Lagoon that was the link between the Great Lake & the Power Station.

Miena Dam on the Great Lake. Water level is way down, they have had a few dry years.

Great Lakes Hotel for lunch. Trout fishing & Deer Hunting is the pastime up this way. Pub is for sale $1.2mill.

Arthurs Lake Overflow.

Steppes Sculptures in the bush. The bushfires came very close.


Did something different today & had a game of golf at Ratho Farm. It is the oldest Australian Golf Course dating back to 1822. Course is very dry at the moment. The layout is eclectic. It was originally 12 holes like St Andrews but is now 18, you have to hit over fences, hedges, sheep pens, etc. Very Scottish.

The farm & surrounding buildings are accommodation & function centre. Weather has been perfect for the last few days.


Quote of the Day

“The most intense hatreds are not between political parties but within them.”

Phillip Adams


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