Day 666 – 670 8/3 – 12/3 Gowrie Park/Quamby Corner

After leaving Penguin we have moved to Gowrie Park. It is a Long Weekend down here so lots going on.

Drive to Wilmot produced a few novel letter boxes.

Found this little guy on the side of the road.IMG_1914

This murial at Gowrie Park is the longest in the Southern Hemisphere & describes aspects of the Mersey Forth Power DevelopmentIMG_3321

If you go to the Promised Land you will find Tasmazia & the Village of Lower Crackpot. You have to go there to understand. There are a series of mazes that you need to complete.

In amongst these mazes is the Village of Lower Crackpot. There are some interesting buildings.

Next to the village is the embassy area. What a crack up:)

I found Ulrika. She must have got lost in the maze. 🙂IMG_1980

Only because she has been naughty.

Someone has a sense of humour.

Wilmot Dam & Power Station.

Steamfest at Sheffield is one of the reasons we are in the area. Lots of pics, but the video shows more. Great day & well organised. Jacqui was there with her Dad as well as a gaggle of other want to be politicians. Must be an election coming up.


Same evening 400m down the road from where we are camping the Gowrie Park Rodeo was happening. Lots of locals out for the festivities (it looked like most of them were cousins).

Marakoopa Caves is part of the Mole Creek cave complex. Nice but not as good as some we have seen.

Taste of the North West was on at Sheffield. Did I mention it was a Long Weekend down here. Plenty of food & music.

Moved to Quamby Corner. Great little spot 15km south of Deloraine.

Liffey Falls is 30km south of Deloraine. Pleasant walk & nice falls.

Another Big Tree, Browntop Stringybark. 3.39m in diameter & 50m high.

Ashgrove Cheesery & its herd of cows. Cheese, butter & milk into the fridge. Parmesan cheese is especially good.

Raspberry Farm, we left with fresh raspberries & blackberries.IMG_3350

41° South Salmon Farm is all powered by water wheel electricity & water comes from Montana Waterfall. Some of the eels were huge. The Ginseng spice they sell is excellent. The fridge is getting full.

Lunch at Cruzin in the 50’s Diner. The collectibles in this place are amazing. Lots of money invested. The lunch was good as well.

Even found a train in the park. E Class #2 Built 1907 Manchester, England.IMG_2406

Quote of the Day

“It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies”

Arthur Calwell – Politician


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