Day 659 – 660 1/3/19 – 2/3/19 Arthur River

Arthur River is on the West Coast way up North. We checked out all the beaches on a beautiful Tassie Day.

They call this the Edge of the World.


And here it is at Sunset.IMG_1501

This is Coutta Rocks. My newest place I want to live.

Bluff Hill Point Lighthouse was built in 1982 & replaced an older lighthouse that was 10km north.

This is Nelson Bay. There are heaps of holiday shacks along the coast.

You can see Cape Grimm Wind Farm from Green Point.IMG_1457

A visitor last night.IMG_1523_edited-1

A cruise up the Arthur River today on the “George Robinson”. There are 6 major river systems in Tassie & the Arthur River is the only one that has not been dammed. It starts at Waratah & flows 170km to the coast. The banks of the river has never been logged.IMG_1524

The Sea Eagles enjoyed the fish we fed them. They were a bit wary as a couple of Wedge Tails were around.

Lunch at Turks landing with old mate the skipper giving us the low down on all the native trees.

Useless bit of trivia. This is a Sassafras leaf. If you boil in up into a tea it is a stimulant.IMG_1690

And some more. This is a Blackwood tree. Very dense wood & makes great, heavy furniture. On the road to Arthur River there are a number of peaty areas with poor foundations. When they were building the road 100 years ago they laid blackwood trees as the base. Those trees are still under the road today & they have taken samples of the foundation & they are in as good as condition as when they laid them. IMG_1683

Ulrika even got to steer the boat.IMG_1703

The view of Arthur River looking inland from our camp site.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0412.JPG

Quote of the Day

The Edge of The World

I cast my pebble onto the shore of Eternity.
To be washed by the Ocean of time. It has shape, form, and substance .It is me.
One day I will be no more. But my pebble will remain here.
On the shore of eternity.
Mute witness from the aeons.
That today I came and stood At the edge of the world.

Brian Inder


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