Day 610 – 618 11/1 – 19/1 Hobart

Back to Hobart to explore in more detail.

Great view of the Derwent River from Sandy Point on a glorious day.


Well that was an experience I don’t think we’ll try again. The Salamanca Markets was absolutely packed. Sort of defeats the purpose of going when you can’t spend time browsing. Lucky there was food & drink.



Also saved by Car Club promenading next door.


Also found these beautiful creatures just around the corner.img_9363_edited-1

Speaking of beautiful creatures the Tasmanian Transport Museum has a few on display.


Some of the amazing old houses at Battery Point. Most of them date to the 1850’s.


Lunch at Phat Fish @ Salamanca.

What else do you do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? Go to the red hots. Unusually I lost:)

So many old buildings in Hobart Town.

Went for a drive to Tinderbox via Sandy Bay. Found this Lighthouse at One Tree Point or as it was known Blinking Billy. It was built in 1900 & closed in 1955.img_9493sandypoint

At Taroona is the Shot Tower It was built in 1870 & is 58.7m high. While shot towers were once common, this is the world’s last tower of its type.  Lead droplets became spherical as they fell into cooling water at the base. The shot was then checked for roundness, polished and graded before being bagged and sold for the muzzle-loading sporting guns of the late 19th century.img_9497

The guns at Pearsons Point were installed at the mouth of the Derwent River at the start of WW2. This is the view looking out to Iron Pot Lighthouse on another beautiful Tassie day.img_9504

Found a couple more old churches as well. St Clements is in the running for the best looking church we have seen.

Our campsite at Hobart Showgrounds with Mt Wellington in the background. Only place in town that allow dogs.img_9512

Cascade Brewery tour. Oldest brewery in Australia & second oldest business in Australia (after Bank of NSW (Westpac)). Started as a timber business & grew into brewery because of the quality of the water coming off Mt Wellington. Beer wasn’t too bad. I liked the Bitter the best & Ulrika liked the stout.

About 30km from Hobart on the Derwent River is New Norfolk. Its named New Norfolk because in 1808 the settlement at Norfolk Island was closed down & free settlers on the island were offered land grants in Tasmania. Betty King, the first white woman to set foot in Australia is buried here. She was also the last known female survivor of the First Fleet.


The Salmon Ponds is Australia’s oldest trout hatchery & supplies over a million trout each year for stocking Tassie’s lakes, rivers & dams. It began breeding trout & salmon in 1864 from ova & eggs transported from England. It also has great gardens with over 50 different types of trees.

Some old churches in New Norfolk. St Matthews is the oldest church in Tasmania & St Paul’s is the oldest Methodist church in the state.

Derwent Valley Railway ran trains until 2005 when Pacific National closed the line. They are currently negotiating with TasRail to reopen & run tourist trains up to Mt Field National Park from New Norfolk.

Great bike track into Hobart from Glenorchy. It also goes the other way to Claremont & MONA.

Went on a behind the scenes tour of Government House. The grand old lady was built in 1857. There are 23 employees that look after the residence & the Governor. She is a busy women. In 2018 she held 46 receptions at Government House, hosted 7 ambassadors, 15 official dinners, 30 investitures, attended 251 external events & gave 198 speeches. Ulrika was impressed with the organisation in the kitchen & pantry.img_9727_edited-1

The gardens are expansive. They have their own market garden & vineyard. All the sandstone for the building came out of a quarry in the garden. It is now a water feature.

The Angelsea Barracks in Hobart dates to 1811 & is Australias oldest military establishment still in use. The site on top of Barrack Hill gave clear & strategic views of the river, the settlement & the new Signal Station at Mt Nelson.

So we had to go up to Mt Nelson. It was originally built in 1811 as a station to report shipping in and out of the Port of Hobart.

The view when we first got there. Lots of smoke from bushfires.
The view cleared up by the time we finished lunch.

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens was established in 1818 & is the second oldest Botanic Gardens behind Sydney.

The Viking Orion cruise ship was in so lots going on down at the harbour. Lunch & people watching was the order of the day.

Whilst the Cascades Female Factory site has an interesting history there is very little of the buildings left.

Lunch at Syra to finish our week in Hobart. Thanks Caitlin & Tristan for the Xmas present.img_3036

Quote of the Day

“A woman should be like a single flower, not a whole bouquet.”

Anna Held


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