Day 590 – 598 22/12 – 30/12 Hobart

Its been a busy week in Hobart as we have had Tris, Caity, Hayden & Ricky visiting. We are staying at Seven Mile Beach which is north of Hobart near the airport. The kids flew down & stayed in a cabin opposite the caravan. We hired a seven seater Kia so we could all get around.

First stop was Mt Wellington. Great day for it with excellent visibility. It is 4170 feet above sea level & a bit chilly. The road up to the summit was built in 1930 as an employment initiative.


Great to spend Xmas Day with them & yes that’s Ulrika eating oysters again.

On the bikes.

Poppy & Nanna babysat Ricky whilst Hayden was taken to the Zoodoo Wildlife Park.

Road trip to Tahune Airwalk. I wasn’t keen to walk out to the edge but even Ricky went. First snake of the trip, lucky it was dead already.

MONA (Museum of Old & New Art) was a pleasant surprise. It has been called a subversive adult Disneyland. It is privately owned by Tasmanian millionaire David Walsh. Definitely worth a look.

We were lucky enough to see Wild Oats come up the Derwent & cross the finishing line to win the Sydney to Hobart. Hazy morning with lots of spectator craft out.

She was closely followed by Black Jack & Comanche. They dueled all the way up the river. Blackjack made a strategic move by moving closer to the north side of the river & this was the difference.

We went into Constitution Dock to have a closer look & here is the winner. IMG_8675IMG_8670

Together with the other maxis.

A few other things to see as well.

It was then time to move to Taste of Tasmania. Lots of people, lots of good food & drink. The boats as they arrive do a lap of honour along the pier & receive the cheers of the crowd.

It was sad to see the kids leave as we all had a great week. Miss them already.

To soften the blow after they left we went back to the Taste of Tassie. The smaller boats had arrived with the overall winner of the Sydney to Hobart being Alive. The first Tassie boat to win in 38 years. The Melbourne to Hobart race finishers were also in.P1000506P1000508P1000517

Did I mention there was plenty going on.


Quote of the Day

“There is nothing as relaxing as being out on the open sea, listening to the waves and the wind and the sails and voices downstairs yelling “HOW DO YOU FLUSH THESE TOILETS?”

Dave Barry


RIP John Fletcher – you fought the good fight.


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