Day 582 – 584 14/12 – 16/12 Bicheno

A visit to Bicheno Blowhole. It wasn’t very high but a lot of water was being pushed out.

The foreshore looking over Governor Island. Apparently it is one of the best diving sites in Tassie, but not today in this weather.

The Bicheno Community Church. Built in 1882 it is the first church we have seen were common sense applies. It is both Catholic & Anglican (at different times).IMG_7747 - Copy

We found this wonderful establishment. It has wines from all the East Coast vineyards. Its been open about two years & the girls that own it do tasting of these plus local gin & whiskey. A couple of hours well spent. The bank balance was a bit lower when we left.

Billy in his new bed and travelling position.P1000340 - Copy

The weather finally caught up with us on Saturday. A tad wet out.P1000352

The 15th Dec is a special day for some of the Macrae clan. Mum & Dad were married on this day 62 years ago. We got married on this day 28 years ago & now Todd & Cherie have eloped to Tahiti & were married today as well.Scanned Photo-4-18Scanned Photo-120_edited-1


Lunch at the Lobster Shack for Wedding Anniversary. Not much left of that lobster.


Continuing the celebrations for dinner at the Sealife Centre. It was originally established in 1978 as an aquarium. It closed as an aquarium in 2009 & continued as a restaurant. Great views over the bay & the penguins coming on shore.

Bicheno was originally named Waubs Harbour. Named after Wauba Debar an aboriginal who was stolen from her tribe as a teenager to become a “sealer’s woman”. She was known for her bravery in rescuing two sealers in a storm. Her headstone is still in Bicheno.IMG_7752

We were going to go to the Douglas Aspley National Park but we had a bit of a problem getting there. Rained a bit hard last night.IMG_7754_edited-1

So we went to Natureworld to have a look at some Tassie animals & birds.

Also some more flowers.

Different colour rocks within 50 metres of each other.

Funny day on Sunday with low mist. This is at 6pm.P1000376

Quote of the Day

“Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.”

Henny Youngman


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