Day 575 – 578 7/12 – 10/12 Bridport

Moved on to Bridport (northeast corner a few km from Barnbougle). Staying at a place called Platypus Park just out of town. One of our hosts is Sophie, we found out she loves chasing ducks down on the dam.

Road trip to Tomahawk. Terrible day, 30° & no wind.

First game for a while at Lost Farm. Course & greens in great condition as usual. Great day with no wind. Ulrika had 43 points & I was 2 over par after the 20th hole (they have an extra two holes). Not bad for an old fat man who doesn’t play a lot. We had one three putt between us all day.


Happy Hour at the Bridport pub.IMG_2775

Found some more tree carvings. The first lot are at Scottsdale & are opposite the RSL.

These are at Legerwood. This is a great story. During a ceremony at the railway reserve at  Legerwood in December, 1918 trees were planted in honour of fallen soldiers. As the names were called out, a relative of the soldier came forward to hold the tree before planting. In 2001, a report indicated that the trees were no longer safe and the community were devastated that the memorials would be lost. By 2004, it was decided that each of the stumps would be carved into the likeness of each soldier. A chainsaw carver, Eddie Freeman of Ross, was asked by the Legerwood Hall and Reserves Committee to sculpt the masterpieces.

This is Ralphs Falls on Mt Victoria. At 90m it is Tasmania’s longest single drop falls.

Pub in the Paddock for lunch. Unfortunately Priscilla must have had too many on Saturday night & was sleeping it off.

St Columbo Falls.

Pyengara Dairy was a must stop. We left only with healthy natural food – chocolate milk, cheese & butter 🙂

There are heaps of these on the side of the road so Ulrika had to take a photo as they are so pretty. Unfortunately they are Foxglove & are a weed & poisonous if touched. Reminds me of another trip when the same thing happened with Patersons Curse.P1000303

So continuing on the colour theme the Lavender farm at Bridstowe is a much safer plant.


Caught up with my old mate Ed Ferrero. He owns Brook Eden vineyard, it’s about 40 mins North East of Launceston. Nice spot for a taste & a chat. If you are ever in the area call in & say hello.

More flowers.

A strange sunset glow over the house.P1000281

Quote of the Day

“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.”

John Diamond



Thinking of our mates John & Botts as they put up the good fight.

Fuck Cancer


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  1. Our very good friends have the Derwent Bridge hotel. Rock in and say Anne and Ken Edwards previously from kingaroy and you will be welcome. Xxa

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