Day 572 – 574 4/12 – 6/12 Low Head

We crossed the Tamar River via the Batman Bridge & are on the opposite side of the river to Greens Beach at Low Head. Built in 1968 Batman Bridge was the first cable stayed bridge in Australia.IMG_7309

As always a visit to Low Head Lighthouse was first up. At the mouth of the Tamar River & the entrance to Port Dalrymple it was built in 1888 & replaced a lighthouse that was built in 1833 that was originally powered by whale oil. It is the 3rd oldest lighthouse in Australia.IMG_7323DCIM100MEDIADJI_0255.JPG

In addition to the lighthouse there are a couple of lead lights built like a small lighthouse. Normally they are just on sticks. These were built in 1882 & came with their own keepers cottage.

The entrance to Port Dalrymple is difficult so there was also a Pilots Station. It was also built in 1833 & is still a working station. The old buildings are now used as a museum, a cafe & accommodation.

Lots of other old buildings around. We forget that the colony of Tasmania is not much older than Sydney.

Back on the bikes as the weather has been kind.

First wild echidna sighting. Looking forward to seeing lots more.P1000249

We even found some art. The carvings are by Eddie Freeman a local chainsaw timber faller & are carved out of one tree.

Spent an enjoyable evening watching Fairy Penguins come into roost. Bit chilly so we got rugged up. Lucky enough to see a few chicks. The yellow light is because the penguins cannot see yellow & it does not scare them. The Fairy Penguin is the smallest of 18 Penguin species. They feed on pilchards, anchovies, sea horses & squid in the mouth of the Tamar River. They need to eat a third of their body weight every night to maintain their weight.

More flowers.

These are the ruins of the Supply River Flour Mill which in 1825 was the first flour mill in Tasmania to be driven by water. At its peak it was supplying flour to Vic & NSW. It closed in 1889. The picture on the right is what is looked like when it closed.

Seen the movie, now been to the place, Grindelwald.IMG_7505

Lunch at Tamar Ridge Winery. Great view & a good feed. The wine was OK as well.

Followed by dessert. Pick your own berries.

Sunset over the Tamar RiverIMG_7376

Quote of the Day

“It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry. ”

Joe Moore


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  1. Great photos as usual, thank you.  So funny to read all those English place names 12,000 miles from the UK.  At one time in the UK we lived by the Tamar River which separates Devon from Cornwall.  Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and a great time exploring Tasmania in 2019.  Kind regards,  Barbara and Derek 

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