Day 553 – 565 15/11 – 27/11 Echuca

Spent a few days in Echuca. Depending on who you believe there were once 76 pubs & 40 brothels in town. Now there are only 9 pubs & an unknown number of brothels.

Some of the Paddleboats

Dinner with the girl for her birthday at the Mill. It was a Flour mill built in 1881. Now a very nice restaurant.

The churches are Gothic & grand.

This was a Wesleyan Church built in 1869. It has been converted to a wonderful house. It’s up for auction if you are interested.2018 18 Nov_2750

We have spent the last week houseboating on the Murray River on Indulgence with this motley crew.

2018 19 Nov_2907DCIM100MEDIADJI_0247.JPG

Weather was OK with only a couple of cold, rainy days. It was serendipity that these were the days we were stuck on a mudbank. With these Captains what do you expect 🙂

The girls just kept partying. No major tsuris.IMG_3611

Sunset on the Murray.2018 20 Nov_2815

Emmylou had a go at pulling us off but didn’t succeed. We finally got off with some help from some friendly locals.

Random shots.

Billy was onboard with us for the whole week & was better behaved than most of the humans.2018 24 Nov_2802

We spent our last day at Echuca getting a ride with a real Captain on the PS Pevensey.

Also had enough time to have a look at the Holden Museum.

New set of boots on the truck. Got nearly 60,000 kms out of the old ones.IMG_2713

Next stop – Tassie.

Quote of the Day

“There’s no “i” in team, but there is definitly one in “wine”.”



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