Day 448 – 457 2/8/18 – 11/8/18 Kangaroo Is/Barossa Valley/Brisbane

Whilst we said we were heading back to Brisbane we did it via Kangaroo Island. Second time was no different, windy wet & cold. This time we stayed at the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage at Cape de Couedic. This is way down the Southern end of the island, it takes a couple of hours to drive there from the ferry at Penneshaw.

The lighthouse was built-in 1909 & the last lighthouse keeper left in 1957.

This is Weirs Cove. All supplies to the lighthouse were winched up the side of the cliff by two horses. Supply ships only arrived every 3 months.

At the base of the cliffs in front of the lighthouse is Admirals Arch.

There is a NZ Fur Seal colony that lives around the arch. They were swimming through huge swells.

Just down the road are the Remarkable Rocks. We couldn’t walk on them as it was too windy.

Lots of animals on the island, lazy Koala, Cape Barron Geese & a couple of Bogans. Heaps of possums on the road, couldn’t get a photo as I was dodging them.

Kangaroo Island!

Found this seal having a sleep at American River. I thought it was a log!2018 03 Aug_9127

Went looking for platypus & found these Adermel Marron. These were over 40cm long.2018 02 Aug_9239

Caught up with James’ nephew Nick (he is a guide) at Kellys Caves. Good place to hide on a windy wet day.

Last Lighthouse on Kangaroo Island is Cape Borda. It was built in 1858 & is the remotest of all the lighthouses. The cannon was put in place so it could be fired when it was foggy. It is still fired at 1pm every day.

Because of the remoteness many of the children of the lighthouse keepers died & are buried in this cemetery.2018 03 Aug_9119

Once we finally got off the Island we headed to Barossa Valley. First stop was Maggie Beer’s shop. Here’s Ulrika posing in the kitchen that the Cook & the Chef was filmed in.

Her husband Colin breeds game birds. They are very pretty.

What do you do when at the Barossa Valley, go to a Brewery.

A day spent wandering around a few vineyards.

The pick was Hentley Farm, great reds & great service.

After Barossa it was a quick trip back to Brisbane via Broken Hill, Bourke & Goondiwindi.

Ulrika had her 1st drive of the car with the caravan attached. Concentration plus šŸ™‚IMG_2400

We arrived back in time to make a surprise appearance at Tristan & Caitlins Engagement party. Ricky was there but slept through most of it.

Hayden stayed the night in the caravan for the 1st time in his special bed.

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode.

Quote of the Day

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. ”

Mahatma Gandhi

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