Day 436 – 447 21//7 – 1/8 Normanville

Blowhole Beach on a blustery day.

Talisker silver/lead mine opened in 1862. They hauled the ore 5km by bullock dray to the coast. It closed in 1872. The main shaft went down 132m with 7 horizontal tunnels. The main ruin left is the crush house & brick-kiln.

The mouth of the Murray River from Hindmarsh Island. Dredging is a continuous process to keep the river mouth open. The lack of flow over the last 20 years has necessitated the dredging. Over 1 million cubic metres of sand are dredged every year.2018 27 Jul_8766

This is the last barrage on the river at Goolwa. It stops salt water from moving upstream due to the reduced flow in recent years. Plenty of animal life around.

Watched a Southern Right Whale & its calf playing just past the breakers at Goolwa Beach.2018 27 Jul_8649_edited-1

This is Mount Breckan (Victor Harbour). It was built-in 1879 as a residence on 160 acres & looked over the land & the sea. At the time it was the largest house in Australia. It burnt down in 1908. Rebuilt in 1913 & turned into a club complete with Golf Course. The Govt then bought it & used it as a training & rehabilitation centre for the Airforce. It was then used as a Bible College. In 2009 it was restored by a Baron from Ireland & restored as a Convention Centre. Unfortunately it has been recently sold & it is going to be surrounded by houses.2018 27 Jul_8768

Some of the flowers around the house. All credit to Ron & Deb.

Another sunset photo from Carrickalinga hill2018 27 Jul_8796

We turned around & the moon was coming up behind us. Couldn’t work out how to take a photo of each at the same time so took a video instead.2018 27 Jul_8784

This is the same moon a couple of hours later.2018 27 Jul_8836_edited-1

And then a few hours later.2018 28 Jul_8864_edited-12018 28 Jul_8865

Even found Mars.2018 28 Jul_8866

We have finished our house sit at Normanville. We have really enjoyed our time in the area. It is a beautiful part of the world. Thanks to Ron & Deb for letting us use their house. I know that Ulrika & Billy will especially miss Bill.

We have had a small change of plans – we are heading back to Brisbane for a month or two to spend time with the kids.

Quote of the Day

“The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy.”

Sam Levenson

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  1. Hi Pete, as I told you we have been having an issue with the aircon… it runs for about 20 mins then cuts out , the red light then flashes and an E7 code comes up on the panel… I’ve tried to reset the system, clean the air filters but to no avail, so I’ve booked acclaim in for Wednesday morning…. their fees seem excessive but I think they did the installation so best we use them. I’ll pay and the forward onto you … sounds like we may see you soon… cheers

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