Day 422 – 435 7/7 – 20/7 Normanville

A drive to Mt Barker for a steam train ride to Strathalbyn for lunch. The trains & line are run by a group of volunteers. They do a great job maintaining the old girls.

A family booked out a whole carriage for a 101st birthday. She was really good for her age.2018 08 Jul_8314

Strathalbyn is a nice little village south of the Adelaide Hills. Nice park, lots of old buildings & churches.

Found a Rakali swimming in the creek.

2018 08 Jul_8368_edited-1

Did I mention the pubs!

It’s a popular spot for a Sunday drive (or ride) from Adelaide.

Ulrika spent a few days back in Brisbane catching up with the kids. Haydens golf game is improving.

A few shots from around the house at Normanville.

We finally made it to the Star of Greece restaurant at Port Willunga. It came highly recommended & didn’t disappoint.

It looks over the old Port Willunga jetty. Not much of it left. It looked much better in 1915.


Just next to the jetty are caves that have been cut into the cliffs by fisherman. They stored their boats in them as the old photo shows.2018 18 Jul_84379446

Interesting house. All the pebbles came from the beach in front of the house.2018 18 Jul_8446

A day out visiting a few wineries at McLaren Vale.

Quote of the Day

“Men stumble over pebbles, never over mountains.”

Marilyn French


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