Day 392 – 403 7/6 – 18/6 Normanville

A day at Hahndorf & immersing ourselves in German culture. Food, Brauhaus & lots of old buildings.2018 08 Jun_7617




Old Milang train station & 351 Diesel

Went to Leconfield Vineyard at Mclaren Vale & got caught up in some 50’s rock n roll dancing. Also some nice cars.

Spent last weekend on Kangaroo Island. Stayed in the Lighthouse Keepers cabin at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse which is on the North Eastern tip of the island. It was built-in 1852 & is the oldest lighthouse in SA. Weather was cold, windy & at times wet. There is a weather station at Cape Willougby & on Saturday night they registered gusts of 95kmh. As Ulrika said it sounded like a freight train going past the window. I could only get a couple of drone shots as I was concerned it would blow away 🙂

Cape St Albans lighthouse is around 10km down the coast. You cannot get to it as it is on private property. I know this as I nearly got bogged trying to get to it. The original top of Cape Willougby lighthouse is at the Museum at Kingscote.

It was rainbow heaven.

We covered the Northern end of the island. Will be going back again to cover the bottom end. The island is a lot bigger than you think. First stop was American River (named after a base for American Sealers in early 1800’s) & the Oyster Farm Shop. A dozen of these big boys sorted Ulrika out.

Plenty of animals on the island. Sheep is the biggest industry. Lots of lambs around this time of year.

Seal Bay was cold & windy. Even the Australian Sea Lions were trying to keep warm by laying in the sand dunes.

Fortunately there were enough places to get a drink & a feed.

This is the view over Backstairs Passage towards Cape Jervis from the deck of Dudley Wines.

We look forward to seeing the rest of the island.

Quote of the Day

“Liberty for wolves is death to the lambs.”

Isaiah Berlin

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