Day 371 – 379 17/5/18 – 25/5/18 Normanville

Our plan is to wander around the Fleurieu Peninsula & its surrounds over the next few months. Hopefully we will see most of what it has to offer. We have settled in nicely at Normanville. Ulrika has been making up for lost time & cooking anything that is edible. We think we have the dogs & chooks under control (or do they have us under control). I even started mowing the 3 acres!

2018 20 May_7153

Only a few kilometres away is Ingalalla Waterfall. You can hike up to the top but after the recent rain the very steep track was a wee bit slippery.

Cape Jervis is where the ferry to Kangaroo Island leaves from. We hope to get over there at least a couple of times in the next few months. Cape Jervis Lighthouse looks out to the Gulf St Vincent. It was built in 1972.

Had lunch at Leonards Mill at Second Valley. It was a flour mill built in 1849. It was restored in the 1980’s & become a restaurant. All the produce is sourced from within the surrounding area. The food was exquisite.

Lots of old churches down here.

Myponga Reservoir supplies water to the southern areas of Adelaide. Not a bad view looking back towards Adelaide.

This is the Nan Hai Pu Tui Buddhist Temple at Aldinga. Huge Buddha statue looking out over the water. Its face is not the typical Buddha. The Pagoda is still being completed. Top location looking over the water.

2018 22 May_7219_edited-1

There are a few old pubs around as well.2018 22 May_7228

Arrrr the joys of being on a property. I get to burn stuff. 2018 23 May_7261

The most important historical building at Victor Harbour.2018 24 May_7234

Always got to do the horse pulled tram when at Victor Harbour. Her name is Misty & is 23. She is very cute.

We have joined Links Lady Bay on a 3 month membership. Its got bent greens, kangaroos, a vineyard next door & a view of the ocean. It’s also tough, slope off 140 of the tiger tees.

Quote of the Day

“The one thing I do not want to be called is First Lady. It sounds like a saddle horse.”

Jackie Kennedy


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