Day 361 – 370 7/5/18 – 16/5/18 Brisbane

Dropped the caravan off at our digs for the 3 months @ Normanville. Spent the night at Glenelg before flight to Brisbane.

Great to catch up with the kids & Grandkids, especially Ricky.

Spent heaps of time with Hayden. We took him to Southbank & a ride on a CityCat, to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary & then on a steam train ride. Even got a chance to watch a Knights game with him.

Also found a way to smuggle him into the Golf club.2018 12 May_7122

Good looking family.

2018 15 May_6958

Three wise men?

2018 15 May_6959

Also found time to catch up with Dorothy & Gary. Another lost day.2018 14 May_6963_edited-1

We are now ensconced in Normanville looking after these two ratbags, both named Bill & both a similar age. Thanks Deb & Ron for the lend of your house. Enjoy your travels in the warmer climes.2018 16 May_7147

Whilst we were in Brisbane we clocked up our first year on the road. Travelled 38,660km using 6,583 litres of fuel  (17l/100km) @ an average price of $1.39/litre. We are looking forward to a couple of more years of travelling the highways & byways.

Quote of the Day

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

Andy Rooney


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