Day 356 – 360 2/5 – 6/5 Yorke Peninsula

Our first stop on the Yorke Peninsula is at Marion Bay. It is way down the bottom near Innes National Park. This is the first thing we saw as we drove into the park.2018 02 May_6202_edited-1

This is Cape Spencer Lighthouse with Althorpe Island Lighthouse on the Island in the far distance (with a photo of what it looks like if you could get out there).

Just down the road is West Cape Lighthouse built in 1980 & is made of stainless steel.

Pondalowie Bay is just North. It is home for a fleet of crayfish boats & fishing shacks. I was talking to one of the boat owners, no one was going out as they were concerned that 40 knot winds & a 6m swell was forecast.

2018 02 May_6230

On the way we came across Mum & her four chicks.2018 02 May_6450

This is the wreck of the Ethel that came to grief in 1904.2018 02 May_6252

2018 02 May_6255
An anchor & my ball & chain

A rainbow over Stenhouse Bay jetty.2018 02 May_6259

Ulrika & Billy always playing.

As you can see the weather has turned colder & wetter. We have been lucky with the weather for nearly 12 months so a few days of bad stuff won’t hurt.

Trying to dodge the weather we went for a drive up the coast to Edithburgh. You can see the Lighthouse on Troubridge Island from the foreshore. There are grave concerns for the future of the Lighthouse as erosion is washing away the foundations. 2018 03 May_6687

It is not operational & has been replaced by this lighthouse on Troubridge Hill. It was built in 1980 & is built from special wedge-shaped clay bricks that were fired especially for this lighthouse

The Wattle Point Windfarm is just out of town. There are 55 Windmills that produce 2% of SA’s power.2018 05 May_6773

Also an impressive water tower that would be great to covert into a house.2018 03 May_6697

Bit too chilly for these tidal baths.2018 03 May_6706

We didn’t get away from all the rain.

2018 03 May_6707

We then went for a drive to the West Coast of the island to have a look at West Cape Lighthouse at Corny Point. It was opened in 1882 & was automated in 1920. Weather was better.

2018 04 May_6764

We found these school kids getting a surfing lesson. Bit chilly.2018 04 May_6718

Swincer Rocks, Formby Bay, Gym Beach & more.

Some more churches to add to my growing list. They have to have been built before 1900 to qualify..

We have moved up the coast & are staying at Port Vincent. Terrible backyard. More $10/dozen oysters & only an undersized flathead.

2018 06 May_6940

Another drive down the coast & we found Wool Bay. There is a lime kiln that was built in 1900 on the edge of the cliff. It closed in 1950.

Lots of old derelict houses.

As well as open pubs.

We have been surprised about how much of the Peninsula is covered by grain farms. They farm right up to the cliffs. Lots of silos & small jetties with ships at the end.2018 05 May_6822

We found this pink lake just out of Port Vincent. There are lots of salt lakes in the area. In the late 1800’s salt was one of the Peninsula’s biggest exports.2018 06 May_6830

Todays drive was up to Wallaroo on the west coast & another lighthouse. This is at the Nautical Museum. It was originally at Tipara Reef, about 15km west of Moonta. It was installed on the reef using screw piles in 1877. It was there until 1995 when it was dismantled & the light beacon moved to the Museum.2018 06 May_6832

On the way we had a look at Moonta. It calls itself a little bit of Cornwall in Australia. This is because lots of Cornish miners came to Australia when copper was discovered in 1861. Mining continued until 1923 & the population at the mine itself at its peak was 5000. The majority of the copper ore was shipped to India who at that time made the coins for England, Australia & NZ. We did a tour on a narrow gauge railway they run through parts of the old mine site.

2018 06 May_6939

The church was built in 1865 for the employees & could seat up to 1250.2018 06 May_6870

We are off tomorrow for Adelaide & then back to Brisbane for a week to catch up with the kids & grandkids. After that back to Adelaide as we are housesitting for 3 months (over winter) at Normanville (about an hour south of Adelaide).

Quote of the Day

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Dolly Parton


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