Day 346 – 349 22/4 – 25/4 Port Lincoln

First the news. Tristan & Caitlan have welcomed their 2nd child into the world on ANZAC Day. Ricky John Macrae. Born 8:46am 25th April 2018. Weight 4.06KG. A little (did I say little) brother for Hayden & another grandchild for the proud Grandparents. All are well. Looking forward to getting back to Brisbane in a couple of weeks to spend some time with them.


The Caravan park has a great view over the water.

Nice sunrise.

Even got a double rainbow.

2018 23 Apr_5559 - Copy

Port Lincoln has the largest fishing fleet in Australia. When you watch the water for a few days you see boats everywhere.

2018 24 Apr_5725

This is the lighthouse at Cape Donington which is the main entrance to Port Lincoln.

2018 25 Apr_5833

Whilst the lighthouse is not pretty, what you see from here is the fishing grounds & how much is going on out to sea. There are boats everywhere.

These are the Bluefin Tuna pens that are farmed. There is very little tuna caught by line anymore. They circle the schools of tuna with these nets way out to sea & they then tow them back closer to shore. They are then fed daily with pilchards until they are ready to be harvested. Most of it is frozen & goes overseas.2018 25 Apr_5819

South of Port Lincoln is Whalers Way. It is a drive along the coast on private land. The owner offered it to the Govt to run as a National Park but they said no. It is much more spectacular than the adjacent National Park.

All sort of different animals around

2018 25 Apr_5847
Red Wattlebird

2018 25 Apr_5830

One of them came much too close.

There is a museum at Koppio that we went to see. It has a lot of old “stuff”. The area just north of Port Lincoln was settled by Germans in the late 1800’s.

On the way was Tumby Bay & a painted silo.2018 24 Apr_5734 - Copy

And of course the Wheatsheaf Hotel.2018 24 Apr_5781

There is a Maritime Museum just north of town. It was a working factory owned by Alex Stenross who built timber boats there for over 50 years. Some great looking timber boats. The speedboat was built-in 1954. Cost a £1000 to build. Priceless now.


Quote of the Day

“Never have children, only grandchildren.”

Gore Vidal

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