Day 344 – 345 20/4 – 21/4 Coffin Bay

Elliston is a small town on the road between Streaky Bay & Coffin Bay. They have developed a road that runs around the cliffs where sculptors can put their works.

Dinner at the Yacht Club. It is run by volunteers. Food good, happy hour good, locals great & the view magnificent.

2018 20 Apr_5441

Coffin Bay National Park was slightly underwhelming, but maybe we have been spoilt. Cliffscapes & Beachscapes still spectacular. Even found a pod of dolphins just off the cliffs.

2018 20 Apr_5421

A view of Coffin Bay from across the water. It takes 5 minutes by boat & an hour by road to get to where the photo was taken.2018 21 Apr_5511

Another pretty little church at Wangary. Someone needs to do a book on country churches.2018 21 Apr_5487

Free range Berkshire pigs & Elevenses at a farm just around the corner. Lots of cute piglets. We bought some bacon & Ulrika thought it was good.

2018 21 Apr_5521

Some fishing shacks on Kelledie Bay. 2018 21 Apr_5526

Lots of oysters again. Had breakfast at the Golf Course. Another place you could live.

Quote of the Day

“You have to create your life. You have to carve it, like a sculpture.”

William Shatner

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