Day 341 – 343 17/4 – 19/4 Streaky Bay

Short drive down the road & what a difference a day makes. Great spot. This is our front yard.2018 17 Apr_4892

First stop was the Blowholes on the way to Cape Bauer. The whooshing noise is the air being pumped out of the hole. It only blows when the big swells come through.

Cape Bauer was a surprise. Nice part of the world.

2018 17 Apr_48872018 17 Apr_4881

No wind today.2018 17 Apr_4863

Sitting on the beach having a beer with me mates after a long day.

2018 17 Apr_4897

About 50km down the road is Baird Bay, population 3. Just off Baird Bay is Jones Island which is a Sanctuary for a colony of Australian Sea Lions. The Australian Sea Lion is the rarest seal species in Australia & it is estimated there are only 12,000 of them. We were lucky enough to get to swim with them & what a wonderful experience it was. Weather was great, water was about 17° hence the wet suits.

We also got to swim with dolphins, unfortunately they were so quick it was hard to get a good photo of them whilst in the water.

Saw this wonderful White Bellied Sea Eagle. Its mate was in a cave just around the corner. They are the 2nd largest Eagle in Australia.2018 18 Apr_5045_edited-1

Some interesting old buildings in the area.

We then went to Point Labatt to have a look at a Sea Lion colony there. It is about 10km away from Jones Island. The Sea Lions do move between the colonies.

2018 18 Apr_5336

Good looking seascapes.

2018 18 Apr_5338

Oysters $10/doz straight from the boat. All I had to do was shuck them.

2018 19 Apr_5339

Nice sunset tonight sitting on the beach followed by a thunderstorm.

Down the road to Coffin Bay tomorrow.

Quote of the Day

“I do not weep at the world I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife. ”

Zora Neale Hurston

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