Day 334 – 336 10/4 – 12/4 Fraser Range/Eucla/Fowlers Bay

A few long days of driving to get across the Nullabor Plains. After we left Kalgoorlie we stopped at a sheep station called Fraser Range. Didn’t see any sheep but lots of other things. Had dinner with a young German couple that had just started work there the day before.

Not much at Eucla except nice view from Caravan Park (& the road out-of-town).


Stopped for fuel at Cocklebiddy. Most expensive fuel of the trip so far. $1.91/litre. 2018 11 Apr_4697

Found this sitting outside. It then proceeded to the caravan park & took off.2018 11 Apr_4698

Longest straight stretch of road in Australia.

The Great Australian Bight cliffs are grand. A bit early in the year for the whales.

2018 12 Apr_46812018 12 Apr_4677

Next stop was Fowlers Bay. A little village a couple of hours west of Ceduna.

Penong knows how to put itself on the map. They have a Windmill Museum with Australia’s biggest Windmill.

Sometimes you see things on the road that just shouldn’t happen. There are road trains going past all the time. Walking on the side of the road is not safe!

So we are in Ceduna for the few days & then following the coast down to Port Lincoln.

Quote of the Day

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills”

Chinese Proverb

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