Day 327 – 330 3/4 – 6/4 Esperance

At Ravensthorpe on way to Esperance they have found a way to brighten up the skyline.

A drive around the Esperance beaches.

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Found a Pink Lake which really only has a tinge of pink. The salt mining on the lake has killed the algae that creates the pink hue.2018 04 Apr_4288.JPG

Bet you didn’t know that Stonehenge was just up the road from Esperance. It’s a full size replica of the original Stonehenge. There are 137 stones of pink granite that was quarried from an adjacent property. The large stones weight between 38-50 tonnes.

The structure is aligned with the summer solstice sunrise.

The interesting back story to this is that it was originally supposed to be erected at Margaret River but the original developer went broke. The farmer across the road from the quarry bought it & erected it behind their house.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0061.JPGStonehenge

Went for a ride along the foreshore. Note Ulrika’s new bike. We can now go riding together.

There is yet another old jetty that is not used.

Quote of the Day

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.”

Ernest Hemingway

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