Day 306 – 311 13/3/18 – 18/3/18 Denmark

Drove out to Ocean Beach which is where the entrance to Wilson Inlet is. Lots & lots of black swans. Beautiful clear water. We were told that for 4 months of the year the entrance is not open to the sea & the level of the rivers & estuary rises 1.5m.

2018 14 Mar_24152018 14 Mar_2418

Then around to Lights Beach.

2018 14 Mar_2425

Lunch at the Lake House. Great food & some pretty flowers.

Arvo tea at Denmark Farmhouse Cheese. They just happened to sell Green Ginger Wine. You can guess who is drinking it 🙂

Had a great “fish & chip” dinner cruise up the Denmark River that the caravan park does every week. Great way to meet people, hear about the history of Denmark & see the river. Great sunset.

2018 14 Mar_2503

Next day it was off to Green’s Pool & Elephant Rocks. It was a tad chilly for a swim but the view was spectacular. We were told by the locals that this is where all the kids are taught to swim. You just have to get over your fear of Stingrays.

2018 15 Mar_2515

2018 15 Mar_2522

We had to go around to Madfish Bay to fly the drone as it is banned at the other places. Dumb!

Proving that we are equal opportunity drinkers we visited Bartholomews Meadery for Elevensss. As you can see the Honey & Banana ice cream was a hit. 2018 15 Mar_2533

Seeing as we have passed a heap of Alpacas when driving we thought it was time to visit an Alpaca farm. We found Alpacas & lots more as well.

Went for a drive all the way around Wilson Inlet to Anvil Beach. It takes about 45 minutes. They have been selling 100 acre blocks with both inlet & beach frontage. They are going for between $1 – 1.5 mill. Lots of very nice houses.Screenshot (4)2018 16 Mar_2623

2018 16 Mar_2625

Whilst it takes 45 min to drive around you can see our caravan park across the water.2018 16 Mar_2648

Did I mention there are lots of swans.

Lunch at Boston Brewing. As usual a tasting paddle. More pale ale (yuck).

Another day another brewery. This time it was Denmark Brew & Ales. Great view for lunch.

2018 17 Mar_2666

After lunch we visited the Denmark Berry farm. It is late in the season but we could still taste their jams & ice cream. They grow an amazing number of berries. Blackberries, Boysenberries, loganberries, marionberries, silvanberries, tayberries, youngberries and raspberries. In the photo Ulrika is trying some of their homemade ice cream whilst chatting to the owner who was also born in Germany.


Then on to the Denmark Heritage Cider Company. Not the cider you get out of bottles at the bottleshop. More of an old style cider that is more in line with the way wines are produced. Most of them are really nice. The vinegar is the best I have tasted. It’s great to see a small passionate business doing well.

So this week we have pulled off the quadrella. A winery, a meadery, a brewery & a cidery. Not a bad effort. After just finishing drinking the ill-gotten gains from Margaret River we now have another fully loaded caravan 🙂

We couldn’t find anywhere in Denmark celebrating St Patricks day so here is a photo from a few years ago.


The RAAF have used the local airport to practice formation flying in their Pilatus PC-9.2018 14 Mar_2394_edited-1

Its been getting a tad cold down here at night so Billy has been trying to keep warm.Billy

We haven’t seen a lot of frogs so it was nice to find one under the caravan.2018 18 Mar_2676

Just in case we ran out of drink the local is only a 10 minute walk from the caravan park.2018 17 Mar_2675


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This would be awesome to paint on a wall! :)

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