Day 303 – 305 10/3/18 – 12/3/18 Walpole

Its been blowing 30knots all day so we thought the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk was the thing to do. Fortunately there was hardly any wind in the valley. The walk in the trees didn’t take me long as trembling legs moved very quickly.

2018 11 Mar_2253

2018 11 Mar_2250

Most of the larger trees (with the buttressed bases) are Red Tingles (Eucalyptus Jacksons) & are only found around Walpole & Normalup. There are also a few Yellow Tingles & Rates Tingles. Most of them are 50m or so high.

2018 11 Mar_2274

Eleven’sss at Tingle Bakehouse in their wonderful garden.

This is called the Tingle tree & the view from it.2018 11 Mar_22382018 11 Mar_2235

We scaled Mt Frankland, 300 steps with ladders to the summit. It is used as a bush fire watch tower. Great views of the surrounding forests.

2018 12 Mar_23542018 12 Mar_2350

Next stop was Fernhook Falls, unfortunately there was not much falling going on. Nice waterhole.

We have been staying at Rest Point Caravan Park which is just out of town & on the estuary. Lots of pelicans.

We had a free loader on the Sat Dish.2018 12 Mar_2380

And so onto Denmark.

Quote of the Day

“The best view comes after the hardest climb”

Peter Macrae

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