Day 295 – 298 2/3 – 5/3 Manjimup

Well we regretfully left Margaret River & have made our way to Manjimup where we will be staying for the next 4 nights. The only bonus is that we have a car full of wine that we need to drink. It is a long weekend over here so there are people everywhere.

First stop was the King Jarrah. It is over 500 years old & has a diameter of 2.6m.

Quick trip up to Bridgetown to check out the Cidery. 2018 03 Mar_1944

One of the things we have noticed is the number of disused railway lines there are in regional areas of WA. There is a line that runs from Northcliffe to Manjimup that looked like it had only just closed. In fact it closed in 2006. I suppose it is happening in all states 🙁 The railway bridge at Bridgetown looked OK.


The whole area survived on timber for over 100 years. This is the Donnelly River Mill. It was originally opened in 1909 & supplied telegraph poles & timber for mine supports. It was then purchased by the Bunnings brothers (the origin of Bunnings Hardware). A new mill was opened in 1953 (the one in the pictures)  & closed in 1978. As well as the mill there was a shop & 33 houses that the workers lived in. These houses are now tourist lodges. The mill reopened in 1986 as a museum but is now closed due to the building becoming unsafe.

We stopped & had a look at One Tree bridge.

We couldn’t work out why it was called One Tree bridge until we found this. The original bridge that crossed the river.

The Timber & Heritage park was interesting.

2018 03 Mar_1927

100km drive down to Windy Harbour. Not much there except beach shacks & great views. The shacks were built after the depression by timber workers as holiday homes. The beach is called Salmon Beach & is a very popular fishing spot.

2018 04 Mar_1974

A poor excuse for a lighthouse on Point D’entrecasteaux (say that when you have had a drink).2018 04 Mar_1956

Stopped into Pemberton on way back for lunch & look what we found. Sweet as. May have to go back for another go.

Further to my rant above, lots of old trains sitting around rusting.

Couldnt work out why all the bikes where around town until we came to the last sign. At least it was a change from cows. If only I’d known, I could have entered with the wonderbike.

2018 04 Mar_1990

Lunch at the pub was excellent.2018 04 Mar_1988

A quiet day today. Just lunch, a bet & a few drinks at the local.

Moving tomorrow. Not far just 10km down the road.

Quote of the Day

“Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.”

Jim Carrey

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