Day 286 – 294 21/2 – 1/3 Margaret River

We are staying at a working sheep farm called Big Valley. It is at Rosa Glen just a few km’s outside of Margaret River. Nice quiet spot that has a lot of grey nomads. Good thing is that everything is close. They sell their own lamb sausages & roasts & they taste very nice.

There are guinea pigs running around everywhere.

A couple of old goats (or more).2018 24 Feb_1509

Found the black sheep of the family.

First afternoon we visited the “The Berry Farm”. No wine but ports, liqueurs, ciders, jams & other assorted goodies. Of course we left with a bit of everything. I can see a trend appearing already. They also had a very pretty cottage garden that we had to have arvo tea in.

Next morning we went for a drive to Prevelly which is at the mouth of the Margaret River. The view from Surfers Point was awesome. Lots of surfers out on a good wave.

2018 22 Feb_1349

2018 22 Feb_1348

The Margaret River isn’t flowing to the sea at the moment as it has been dry around here. Have I mentioned the weather, its been 15 at night & 26 through the day with no humidity. Ulrika is loving it.

The tops of the house you see in the second picture is Wallcliffe House. It was originally built-in 1865 & was heritage listed. It was a Victorian Mansion & was purchased in 2001 by Rose Chaney. It was burnt down in bushfires in 2011. The grounds & gardens are still maintained but the building itself has not been restored. Unfortunately you cannot get access to it.

Next stop was the Eagle Heritage Centre. It is a self funded & specialises in the Rehabilitation of injured birds, breeding of endangered species & education of children. I didn’t know that in most states of Australia you can still get a permit to shoot Wedge Tailed Eagles. We are the only country in the world that allows the shooting of its indigenous eagle. Shame.

These are Black Kites  putting on an acrobatic display.

Ulrika was lucky enough to get to have a Barn Owl on her arm.

I thought we had got away from the cow theme, but no we had to go to the Margaret River Dairy Company. Ulrika liked the Brie.

Then we got to Cowaramup which just took it to another level. There was a cow on every corner 🙂

Drinks at the Brewhouse. The vine is a Hop plant.

2nd day saw us at Lakes Cave. You can see in the photo a suspended table above the waterline. The only one in the world that is open to the public.

2018 23 Feb_1471

A drive through a Karri Forest at Boranup highlighted how tall they are.

Lunch at Five Ashes Vineyard, Hamelin Bay helped down by a cheeky Shiraz.

2018 23 Feb_1479

Nice evening having sundowners with our new QLD friends next door.

First thing next morning we headed to the Farmers Markets. Best market we have been to on our trip. Prices were good as well. Just what we needed  – more food.

Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Killerby Winery was a nice interlude on a summer’s afternoon.

Nice sunset.2018 24 Feb_1522

We both had two days out of action with a stomach bug. Not the best place to get unwell  🙁

Once we got back into it we went to Mammoth Cave.

Then off to Hamelin Bay to play with the Eagle Rays.

We decided to drop in to look at a sculpture place. I wish we hadn’t. Didn’t quite get it! I’m told it’s about the art of imperfections!!!!

Ulrika had been there before as a model.2018 27 Feb_1664

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse was a nice spot on a cool day.

2018 27 Feb_17472018 27 Feb_1754

Just down the road is the Water Wheel that supplied fresh water to the Lighthouse keeper. It was fed from a natural spring that turned the wheel that powered a pump that pushed water uphill to the Lighthouse. The wheel can still be seen encased in calcified lime.

Another day another cave. This time is was Jewel Cave. Largest cave in the system & the most recently found. It wasn’t found until 1959 because the opening to it was a wee small hole. They found a Tasmanian Tiger skeleton that was 3500 years old. They lived on the mainland before becoming extinct in Tasmania.

Augusta/Flinders Bay is a pretty part of the world on a nice day. Got fuel at Augusta & it was the first time in years that I could say “Fill it up”. It wasn’t self-serve.  Also he washed window for us 🙂

Ulrika had to visit her friends at Witchcliffe. The Service Station even had a place to park her broomstick.

Another beautiful day in paradise. Visited a couple of wineries, lunch at Hay Shed Hill, visit to Margaret River Venison to buy some Bambi for dinner & then the obligatory Olive Oil & vinegar purchases at Olio Bello.

Some of Vineyards that we have indulged at over the last week or two. There are 160 something vineyards in the area, so we have plenty of reasons to come back.

We have really enjoyed our time at Margaret River, the weather has been good (10-25 most days) & the area has lots to see.

Tomorrow we turn the corner & start heading east again (albeit slowly).


Quote of the Day

“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.” – Benjamin Franklin


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