Day 277 – 280 12/2/18 – 15/2/18 Fremantle

We have spent the last 4 days in beautiful Freo. You could spend weeks exploring the pubs & restaurants. First stop was the Boat Harbour for lunch at Joe’s. Tourist trap but food & view was great.

Wandering around there were some interesting sights.

We couldn’t work out what the yellow paint was all over the buildings

Until we went up to the Roundhouse & looked back along High St. A Swiss artist painted the optical illusion in 2017.2018 12 Feb_0548

Found this peaking around the corner.2018 12 Feb_0554

So we decided to have a closer look. The Queen Mary 2 was in town. You would have ship envy if you were on the Astor (the little ship behind QM2).

Next day we drove down to Rockingham & went out to Penguin Island. Saw the lot – penguins, sea lions, dolphins, pelicans, Osprey & millions of bridled terns.

2018 13 Feb_0699

Dinner at “Bread in Common” was a great feed. Different and service, food, wine & company made for an excellent night. The German rye bread was so good we took a loaf home.

Lunch at Left Bank Pub was next on the gastronomic itinerary.

2018 14 Feb_0840

As everyone knows I am a romantic at heart so on Valentines Day it was important that I take my valentine to a special place. So where else would I take Ulrika – a night tour of Fremantle Prison 🙂

A short story – when they do the intro they stress that you need to turn phones off, otherwise you may end up in one of the cells. Being the quick thinker that I am I rang Ulrika’s phone before she turned it off. Embarrassed – Yes. Unfortunately I got sprung.

My come uppence came when  we came to the punishment area. I was “chosen” to be whipped with “cat of nine tails” by Ulrika. There are no photos as we were both busy. Strangely I enjoyed it!2018 14 Feb_0792

A really good tour with lots of surprises.

Been trying to pump out the k’s trying to make up for the food & drink.

So this part of the journey down the coast of WA comes to an end. We are off tomorrow to the South Coast for a couple of months & then start making our way east to Port Augusta.IMG_1288

Quote of the Day

“I’m always happy – when I’m eating & drinking”

Ulrika Macrae

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