Day 270 – 276 5/2 – 11/2 Mandurah Estuary

Last 5 nights we have spent on a houseboat on the Mandurah Estuary. Thanks to Gary & Dorothy, Paul & Chris for the great company & the many laughs. 2018 05 Feb_0467

2018 07 Feb_0419

Pick the common denominator:)

We caught a heap of Blue Swimmer crabs (it is the season for them apparently).

Gary got bit on the finger with his first crab so we had to find him some gloves.2018 07 Feb_0222

We also went up the Murray River (not “the” Murray, another one). Lots of bird life.

This is a Rufus Night Heron. Two different birds at two different stops.

Ravenswood Hotel. Right across the river from one of our overnight anchorages. Very popular spot.

2018 06 Feb_0445

Lots of different looking boat sheds along the river.

Urika & I had another hit at Mt Lawley in the Saturday Comp. I had 37 points & Ulrika had 36 points & won the Womens Comp! Caught up with all the boys from Le Tour & Bali. Thanks again to Leederville for putting us up for the night & hosting a great curry party.

We have decided that we like Fremantle so much we are going to backtrack a little & stay at Woodman Point next week. This will allow us easy access to the restaurants & bars of the aforementioned metropolis.

Quote of the Day

“They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.”

Clint Eastwood

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