Day 265 – 269 31/1/18 – 4/2/18 Bunbury/Perth

We have had a busy few days. Here is my contribution to the Super Blood Blue Moon Photos. Taken from just outside the caravan. 2018 31 Jan_9852

We spent a day wandering around Perth on the Red Bus (after the train ride from Mandurah). Whenever we have gone to a city overseas we have used this & have found it is a cheap way to see all the town.

Look what we found in the middle of Perth. They were on the way to the Willie Creek Pearl shop to do a promotion.

There is some impressive older architecture in Perth. 2018 02 Feb_9878

A little older, but not as beautiful 🙂

Theres even a bit of new stuff that’s not bad.

Always a good view of the city from Kings Park. Lots of construction going on.2018 02 Feb_9913

I worked for this mob & its spinoffs for 38 years.2018 30 Jan_9470

Speaking of work we caught up with Sir Lunch-a-lot appropriately for lunch at the Aviary. It was great to catch up with Steve after far to many years. It was like it was only yesterday.

The Perth Mint was next on the list. Ulrika is always keen to see some gold. The big coin is worth $1million & supposed to be solid gold.

Next day was Fremantle. The old architecture is even more impressive. They have done a wonderful job of restoring the old buildings. A lot of old pubs (Ditch you would have visited most of them?)

Ulrika found her most recent favourite drinking hole.2018 03 Feb_0090

And right across the road somewhere to eat.2018 03 Feb_0095

WA Maritime Museum was next stop.

They had a Pompeii exhibit that was somewhat informative.

So the next day we went up to Dwellingup to have a ride on the Hotham Valley Railway. They only run the diesel in summer because there is too much chance that the steam train will cause a bushfire. This is a V Class diesel that pulled the train. It was built-in England in 1948 & went to Tasmania as a shunter before coming to Perth in 1986.2018 04 Feb_0186

In our never-ending quest for the perfect drink we just happened to stumble across the Wine Tree Cidery. Apple Cider, Ginger Beer & Lemonade with a ploughman’s Lunch. Not bad.

He had some nice bikes as well.


Quote of the Day

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”

George Burns


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