Day 255 – 264 21/1 – 30/1 Brisbane/Freo/Rottnest

Well as advertised Ulrika caught the red-eye to Brisbane & spent a week catching up with the kids.

2018 24 Jan_9454

Whilst she was there she happened to catch up with Gibbo & Dorothy for an Australia Day knees up.

Before she left we had a quick tour of Fremantle to check out the lighthouses. This is Woodman Point lighthouse about 10km south of Fremantle. Looks over a bay & great swimming area.

South Mole & North Mole are at the Entrance to the Swan River at Fremantle

Lots of 28’s at the Caravan Park. Speaking of the caravan park, last week it was a peaceful oasis with hardly anyone around, come Friday morning it was a boganville. Wall to wall kids & weekend warriors. Fortunately they left as quick as they got here Sunday morning. Ahh, the serenity (didn’t last long, I had to pick up Ulrika).

Billy & I have been busy whilst she has been away. The caravan needed a service, so whilst it was there a gas heater was installed. This is in preparation for the colder climate we will be heading to. The van also got a wash & clean.

As the furbaby and I had no home for the day we went for a drive & found North Dandalup Dam. Please note swimming prohibited sign on #3 photo.

Also been spending some time on the bike.IMG_2107

Also had first game of golf since we left. Thanks to Steve Imms, Mark DeMello & Glen Manolas for letting me use your course. Mt Lawley was in a wonderful condition as usual. Short game let me down but ball striking wasn’t too bad for someone who hasn’t had a club in hand for 7 months. Thank you Leederville & Trish for your hospitality & allowing Billy to stay.

We went to Rottnest Island for the day. Train from Mandurah to Perth. Ferry from Perth to Rottnest. Train ride up to Oliver Hill & back. Bus trip around Island. Ferry back to Perth. Train back to Mandurah. Phew, big day!

All worth it, great spot.

Down the Swan River to Fremantle.

Rottnest started as a jail for Riginals in the 1800’s through to 1902. It then become tourist destination. Through the WW2 is was a military installation.

Train up to Oliver Hill Guns. The train line was built to build the gun emplacements & to service them through the war.

2018 30 Jan_9664

2018 30 Jan_9665

There were two 9inch guns that could reach out 27km. They are in an amazing condition for their age. The tunnels & underground magazines are also well-preserved.

Ulrika got to meet a Quokka.

There are lots of bays & beaches around the island. You could spend a day at any of them.

2018 30 Jan_96672018 30 Jan_96802018 30 Jan_9682

There are two lighthouses on the island. Wadjemup Lighthouse is near the guns. The building on the right is the building that was used for spotting for the guns. Bathurst Lighthouse is on the coast side of the island.

2018 30 Jan_9657

Billy got babysat for the day. I don’t think he wanted to come home.


Quote of the Day

“I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly” Winston Churchill


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