Day 238 – 242 4/1/18 – 8/1/18 Dongara

We have spent the last few days at Dongara, great little village 60km south of Geraldton.2018 09 Jan_8864

The caravan park is right on the beach & as per the norm it gets windy in the arvo. Mornings are great.

Beach faces south & prevailing wind is Southerly so lots of seaweed builds up in the corners. Interesting to walk on. You even get seaweed balls.

Found a Cafe on the beach 500m from caravan park for Brekkie.2018 07 Jan_8880

Found a pub to drink at. The Priory Hotel was built in 1881 as an Inn. It then became St Dominic’s Priory & exclusive girls school. In the 80’s a flood went through it & was converted back to a hotel & accommodation.

Haven’t been to a drive inn for a long time. Yep Dongara had one, it is run by volunteers & proceeds go to surf life saving club. Great idea.2018 06 Jan_8895

Always on the look out for a drink we found a Rum distillery. Its only been open 18 months. Young guy & his wife having a go. It was good enough for us to buy a couple of bottles.2018 05 Jan_8896

Ulrika has been walking 5km every morning. Billy & I like our sort of exercise.

2018 07 Jan_8887

We are at Jurien Bay for the next week. On the way down stopped in at Leeman for morning tea. Another great little fishing village.2018 09 Jan_8874

Quote of the Day

“Never be a prisoner of your past. It was a lesson, not a life sentence.”

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