Day 227 – 237 24/12/17 – 3/1/18 Geraldton

I mentioned it has been windy at Geraldton. Even the trees grow sideways.2017 27 Dec_8766

There is a village down the road called Greenough that has been restored by the National Trust. Most of the buildings are from the 1860’s. The nicest building is the flour mill, unfortunately it is not open as it still needs restoration.

2017 27 Dec_8745

There is also a museum around the corner so we tried some silly hats on. You had to be very friendly if you used the double toilets.

2017 28 Dec_8793

The Mumbida Wind Farm has around 130 turbines. They look big & are even bigger when you see a blade on the ground.

2017 28 Dec_8785

There is another HMAS Sydney memorial in Geraldton. This one sits on the hill overlooking the harbour & whilst being very impressive it is not as personal as the one we saw at Quobba.

Once again I ventured into enemy territory when we visited the St Francis Xavier Cathedral. It is a very different Catholic church designed by a very different man. John Hawes was born in England, studied to become an architect, then studied to become a Church of England Minister, changed his mind & become a Catholic priest & Franciscan. He came to Australia & lived & worked as a priest around the mid west of WA between 1915 & 1939. He also designed a number of churches & houses. He then went to the West Indies & lived like a hermit until he died there.

As always a sunset from Geraldton Beach.2018 02 Jan_8854

We had a nice Xmas lunch of BBQ’d Crayfish tails & prawns & then drinks with some nice people we met at the Caravan Park. We both miss the kids.

Moved down the road to Dongara today.

Quote of the day

“A clever person solves a problem, a wise person avoids it”

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