Day 220 – 226 17/12 – 23/12 Geraldton

We havn’t done much over the last week, just lazed around drinking & eating. Ulrika is in trouble because she has shrunk all my clothes (I’m hoping she has).

Went for a drive through the Chapman Valley, lots of wheat farms & not much else. Found a couple of nice looking old stone churches at Nanson.

The port is always busy. Apparently it is the 2nd biggest wheat port in Australia. Also lots of iron ore & mineral sands.2017 21 Dec_8721

Very tropical.

2017 21 Dec_8730

Had a look through the local crayfish factory. 95% of what they catch is exported live to China. They are in China within 36 hours of being caught. They turn over $350million/year. The Japs will only take the dark red ones as they are guaranteed to turn red when cooked.

2017 22 Dec_8697

We are staying at a caravan park out near the lighthouse at Point Moore. It can get a bit breezy at times.

Merry Xmas to all.001 greeting (1)

Quote of the Day

Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people – Warren Buffet


P.S. Found 5 cartons of Bighead at BWS & bought them all.


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