Day 210 – 215 7/12 – 12/12 Kalbarri

Hello from Kalbarri. Lovely little town about 400km down the road from Denham. It sits at the mouth of the Murchison River & is famous for its fishing & crayfish.

First thing we did was visit the Rainbow Jungle. Just love parrots. They are all bred on site.

The Kilbarri National Park runs along the coast & there are some spectacular vistas.

2017 08 Dec_8165

The entrance to the river would be a bit hairy in rough seas.

2017 09 Dec_8289

We went for a paddle on the river & found a friend.

The National Park also runs along the river & encompasses a couple of gorges. First one is called Natures Window.

2017 10 Dec_8257

Then there was Z Bend.

And then there was Hawkes Head.

Ulrika smelt out the only ice creamery within 1000km.2017 10 Dec_8210

We have our very own real Xmas tree (it cost me $13 entry to the National Park).2017 10 Dec_8346

Ulrika got to feed the pelicans on the foreshore. They have been fed at the same place for over 40 years.

Two beauties. Not much has changed in 15 years.

About 60km down the road is a little township called Port Gregory. Just inland is the Pink Lake. The pink comes from algae & bacteria in the super salty water.

2017 11 Dec_8458
Port Gregory

2017 11 Dec_8453

The Lyton convict depot was used in the 1850’s to house convicts before they were sent to farms in the area. Its ruins & one restored building was an interesting walk.

Whilst in the area we had to pay our respects to HRH Prince Leonard of the Hutt River Province. We were welcomed by his son Prince Graeme who showed us around the capital city of Nain. After converting A$ to $Hutt River & getting our Visa Permit stamped we were fortunate to meet HRH Prince Leonard who regaled us with his many stories of times past. The Prince is 92 & still going strong. His story of succession from Australia is the typical little guy getting pushed too far by a beauracratic government.

2017 11 Dec_8447
Ulrika meets royalty. HRH Prince Leonard


Lots of wild flowers blooming.

The obligatory sunset photo.2017 10 Dec_8358

The most important pub photos.

Word of the Day:-

cachinnate – to laugh loudly

secede – withdraw from an organisation

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