Day 183 – 189 10/11 – 16/11 Exmouth

We showed you a quick snap of our welcoming committee at Exmouth caravan park. Well below is a video, there are 6 or 7 of them roaming around the park looking for handouts.

This is an interesting sight as you travel out-of-town.  It is a Naval Communications Station that is jointly run by the US & Australian Govts. It sends communications via Very Low Frequency to submerged submarines. The tallest mast is just under 400m high & is taller than the Eiffel Tower & the Empire State Building.

Just up the road is Vlamingh Lighthouse. Great views of Ningaloo Reef.

2017 11 Nov_6971

We like Exmouth, it is a very laid back town. It only exists because of the aforementioned Communication Station. It opened in 1967 & the septics used to run it before Whitlams govt kicked them out in 1975 & it was then run by the Australian Navy.

Had the best Seafood Platter in a long time at Whalers Restaurant with my mate.IMG_2035

Lots of turtles mating & laying eggs at the moment. Can’t get photos when they are laying because it scares them away. We have seen where they have been.

Went for a glass bottom boat ride & snorkel from Tantabiddi & over the reef. Nice way to spend the morning. Water wasn’t really clear but still OK. We even saw a turtle sitting on bottom. Even caught a glimpse of a strange creature under the boat.

Took the kayak out on Yardie Creek & surrounding gorge. Great spot. The creek is only open to the sea at high tide so it was surprising to find a turtle in there.

2017 12 Nov_7048

Drove 150km down the road & spent the last 4 days at a lovely little spot called Coral Bay. Great for snorkelling, the coral is really close to the beach.2017 14 Nov_7185

The first couple of days it was really windy. Most of the power is produced by wind turbines, their water is all artesian & is not drinkable so you have to bring your own in.2017 14 Nov_7213

There are squillions of cuttlefish shells on the beach. This is biggest so far.2017 15 Nov_7139

Just around the corner is Skeleton Bay which is a breeding area for black tip & white tip reef sharks. It is shallow & you can walk in the water with the sharks swimming around you. And of course we did! There were over 100 sharks in the bay. You had to watch your back!2017 15 Nov_7151

Went for a kayak as well.

It was my best friends birthday today so we did things together. Looking over a perfect place with good food & a wee tipple. IMG_2043

Word of the day:-

– tipple – drink alcohol, especially habitually

– habitually – a way of habit

– denial – not us

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