Day 154 – 159 12/10 – 17/10 Broome

Where does the time go! A week since our last blog. Important things first, no luck getting Bighead. Burleigh Brewing emailed me & apologised, so I am now drinking Asahi.

A typical day at the moment is we get up around 5am & go to Cable Beach (its only 4 min away) for a walk (sometimes with Billy & sometimes without), back to caravan for Brekkie (this is a blue job).

2017 13 Oct_5452
Sunrise at Caravan Park with Wallabies

Sorry I haven’t explained what Blue jobs & Pink jobs are. Blue jobs are typically jobs outside around the caravan & car & are the ones that Peter does. An example of this would be emptying the toilet cassette. Pink jobs are normally inside the caravan & Ulrika completes these jobs. Painting her toenails is an example. Then there are purple jobs, these are a mixture of blue & pink & either party can do these. As time goes on most jobs are becoming purple (I have found out I am no good at painting toenails & Ulrika is good at filling up cassette but terrible at emptying it).

I digress, back to a typical day. After I cook Brekkie we try & go & have a look at something as this is the cooler part of the day. We get back & have a swim in the pool. Fortunately there is a lap pool so we get in lots of exercise.

Its lunchtime by now so we either make something easy at the caravan or go to a pub or club. On Sunday on Tony Aked’s advice we went to Divers Tavern. Great spot, food was good & I even had a win on the punt.

After lunch we do a few things in the caravan with air con on (36-38 degrees) prior to having a Nanna nap. Ulrika found it hard to settle into the napping but she is now really good at it. I have no problems. After nap we take Billy for the first of his many arvo walks. We then have quiet time & have a read or play a few computer games or update blog. These are only delaying tactics waiting for 4pm & drinkies time, usually around the van in the shade & nice breeze. Every now & again we head to town or to Cable Beach & watch the sunset.

2017 16 Oct_5475
Camels on the way down to Cable Beach

Dinner is a mixture of checking out a few restaurants & eating in, depending on what we feel like. Maybe watch the news or a show on TV & asleep by 9pm.

Grey Nomading is very tiring!

What else have we done.

Saturday went & had a look at Courthouse markets – not much there, pretty boring. There is a great big jail in the middle of town. Terrible town planning.

Went for a drive along Cable Beach. It goes for 20km up to Willie Creek.

Great fun at Speedway on Saturday night. Lots of locals & they had a Demo Derby at the end. Cheapest drinks we have had since we’ve been here. The sound & smells took me back to when Dad used to take us kids to the Newcastle Motodrome every Saturday night.

Today we did a tour at the Broome Bird Observatory. It is 20km out of Broome on Roebuck Bay (which is huge). We did the tour that concentrated on Migratory Shore Birds. We saw 31 different birds today most of which use the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. In other words they migrate from Alaska/Siberia to Australia & back again every year. Roebuck Bay is the one of the biggest habitats in Australia for these birds. There can be up to 500,000 birds in the bay at the peak times.

We saw Great Knots, Red Necked Stints, Little Terns, Bar Tailed Gotwits & heaps more. Even saw a Red Tipped White Booby.2017 17 Oct_5483

Words of the day for last few days are:-

Euphony – pleasing or sweet sound. Ulrika’s dulcet tones.

Dulcet – pleasing to the ear. See above.

Splenetic – marked by bad temper. See above.

Propensity – Intense natural inclination

Calyx – outer whorl of a flower

Whorl – an arrangement of similar anatomical parts (such as leaves) in a circle around a point on an axis


P.S. We haven’t killed each other yet.


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